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  1. 0:27 People getting tossed? Looks like fun! I'll jump right in!

  2. We were all kicked out of the pool when it was very rough on the Thomson Majesty

  3. That looks real safe !!!!!!! Lol NOT

  4. No wave breaker in the ships pool on top of that they shouldve at least close the pool or dump it, there is gonna be a lot of drama when some of the guests inside brakes something e.g his head. Irresponsible.

  5. I just went on this ship on the June 28, 2018 Western Mediterranean sailing. There were nowhere near this many children or young people.

  6. omg that's what happend to me on my cruise!! and me and my 5 cousins were like " AHH OMG THIS IS AWESOME " i pretty sure i was on the same one too!!

  7. I would be vomiting in the pool, truth.

  8. hot bikini babes

  9. Looks like fun!

  10. I thought most cruise ships emtpy pools during rough waters .

  11. That looks fun.

  12. Wave pool diy

  13. Someone should say something, but then again, do you really want any of these idiots in the gene pool?

  14. Damn….everyone is still having a good ol time arent they XD

  15. I know everyone has their idea of a great vacation. But no way I'd consider cramming onto a pool and pool deck. Way too many people for me.

  16. lol… filmed right before orthognathic treatment began.

  17. Eew thats disgusting so many human

  18. I actually laughed.. How the music went with the video

  19. O C E A N MAN

  20. That's what happens when you piss in the water

  21. At least they have a wave pool now

  22. Lotta fatties

  23. That looks fun as shit like a wave pool they should have that during normal cruises lol

  24. Its a wave pooL!!!

  25. That looks like a glimpse of "Cruising". A holiday camp when the schools are out.

  26. Funny!:) i read somewhere that the sea sick people should stay in the swimming pool so that they will no longer feel sea sick because they float on the water and therefore they don't feel the ship moving… 🙂

  27. its all fun and games until an obese land whale beaches herself on you and sues you for sexual assault

  28. request music broo

  29. how did so many whales get beached at the same time?

  30. i thought the title said rough sex XD

  31. what is rough sea

  32. I don't understand why anyone would willingly do this. Go on a boat with thousands of others and deal with their piss and shit all willingly done. Cruise ships once were the way to get across oceans. Now they're for people who like to eat from troughs and smell like they've been in a cave for years. My god one woman came off smelling like she'd been swimming in a cesspit the whole time she was out at sea.

  33. that pool is hugeeee

  34. I saw the spirit in naples when i was on the epic

  35. Got sea sick just by watching this clip

  36. This is a 'vacation'? You dont even trip over this many people at Times Square during the New Year. Not my idea of fun and relaxation.

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