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  1. Happy belated birthday stef

  2. Sean and stef and think the reason why there was no-one on the customs desk is because the port knows passengers on the ships have already produced their passports when checking in and they know that the same passengers will be back and no strays would be on the ships because ships check passengers on and off when in port, its like a trust thing between the ships and our customs and border control

  3. I love you guys and the music on your video! :*)

  4. When was your Birthday Stef?? Happy Belated Birthday… thank you for sharing you Ventura Adventure… I look forward to sailing on her Next May xx

  5. Doing Ventura August 23rd can’t wait not been on for a few years so it’s long overdue

  6. LOVE IT!!! The 'bye room'. On our Facebook posts (which i basically b use Facebook as a travel diary) when we check out we always say 'BYE ROOM!!! YOU WERE GOOD ROOM!!!' We are bummed any time we forget to tell a good room bye. Also, sometimes we might add 'great' room, or if it was bag to us just say 'bye'. But most are a good room.

  7. I'm a brand new subscriber and very glad to have found you guys. Love the footage, the music and your positive energy. Belated Happy Birthday Stef.

  8. Happy Birthday

  9. At what point did they return your passports to you in order to disembark?

  10. We are going on the Ventura in July.
    Thank you for all the advice.

  11. Happy Birthday Stef!!!

  12. looking forward to your next  adventures on Azura

  13. Omg went to that hotel for drinks the day before we got on ventura

  14. Hope you had a happy birthday!!!!

  15. hope you had a great birthday. LOVE wagamama. hotel looks fabulous

  16. Happy Birthday and Thank you for saying it's okay to take a nap. The only time I get to take a nap as when I'm on a cruise or land vacation. Now I won't feel so guilty about "wasting" my time.

  17. It sure sounds like a wonderful birthday. So enjoy your blogs.

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