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  1. What is the Princess Sapphire

  2. Loved your video

  3. Thank for ur video. So great. Can u tell me how much the tour? Many thanks.

  4. why she so lucky… so pretty and have such nice clothes and she always get to go to other countries

  5. Hi! it's very beautiful movie. what do you use camera?

  6. cable car was scary for me.i almost creid since i was a kid. this my dad's acount

  7. did you went prasaling in peang. it was awsome

  8. i have went on the same cruise as you.i was at the doplin deck

  9. I went there too

  10. hi, im from indonesia, im interested to try the princess cruises. any local agent here in indonesia? especially jakarta. thx

  11. Hi Melvin, there are about 6 all-inclusive restaurants there. Asian + Western with mix of Japanese and so on. Yes, there's a cafe on the lobby level that serves food 24/7.

    For more info, check out our blog

    – Bryan

  12. Nice video!! I would like to know the inclusive restaurants there and what cuisine do each serve? And does any restaurant there that serve food 24/7?

  13. The video edits are on point! 🙂

  14. How long for 1 stopover?

  15. It'll be really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot/ shooting for advertorials with Christabel on Pretty smart!! 🙂 It'll be great to see some tips on poses, etc!! 🙂

  16. Looks so awesome! 🙂 Christabel is so pretty!!!

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