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  1. I have OCD, so I have to get to the buffet first. What time do you open? I'll be there 15 minutes before that.

  2. WOW!!!! that's a lot of food.

  3. Pastries look appealing…

  4. I'm going on Crown Princess and will I have the same buffet?

  5. Thanks for labeling everything. Looks like I will be at the buffet alot.

  6. I have been on three Princess Cruises and have consistently found the buffet food to be nothing better than a cheap cafeteria. Shrimp were "slimy" and most everything was either overcooked or way too salty. Will never do Princess again.

  7. Thanks for a great video.all the food was delicious.
    It is a star full mark✨

  8. The dinner buffet video looks more appetizing then either the breakfast nor lunch buffet videos.

  9. This food looks terrible. Sorry not appetizing.

  10. so yummy!!
    since i moved to USA, i can't wait and so excited to try all these food delicious delights with fellow americans!!

  11. A very nicely put together video, with a wealth of good information. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. God Bless!!

  12. What a wonderful video! You could see the food and it was labeled. Princess seems to have the best food.

  13. NCL and princess have the best dinner buffets!!

  14. I've just put 15lbs on watching this ! Lol

  15. I'm sure everything was good but very sloppy and almost cheap looking presentation.

  16. Msc food looks like hospital food compared ti this. Ughhh and i will be on the MSC in May

  17. wow, somebody on that cruise sure liked the spinach!

  18. Fake, I justo return from total caribbean and they dont khnow the shrips, only surimi, I expect more from they, and the only put other meals
    No good for the money I pay,

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