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  1. As someone who is thinking of going on their first cruise I'm interested in tips on finding your own space/refuge when on a large ship…

  2. The love boat… everyones got the clap and crabs… The love boat… soon you'll be plastered and knocked up!

  3. Great summary even if you know it all about cruising or Princess. Take a few minutes and listen to Gary's presentation it's worth it!

  4. Could use some bedroom suite upgrade's though to satisfy the passenger's taste to come back again and again, wall's are needed instead of curtain's because privacy is a must for certain people

  5. I want to work as a cruise line excursion staff member, whats the test they give you? What should i know? How much do they start out making? Does anyone know? Do i get to walk around with a group on the excursion, so i could sell the excirsion to others.

  6. I don't think your gratuities are correct. They may be old. And how much gratuatie for an inside stateroom a day? They told me there is no wifi on the ship at sea when I asked if it was complimentary. So an update here would be nice. Thanks. I had forgotten they were owned by Carnival.

  7. I just got home from a Princess Cruise British Isles Cruise on the Royal Princess. The video is right on in explaining the Princess Cruise experience. This was my 5th Princess cruise.

  8. My husband and I have travelled with Princess Cruise Line and we have been very happy with everything! I have also cruised with Royal Caribbean as well as Norwegian, and Princess has my vote, though Norwegian had the best entertainment! Food on Princess Cruise ships is far superior than the other two cruise lines, especially the Vegetarian meals! Thank you for this video… it explained things I was not aware of!

  9. We went on a Princess Cruise last year. I'd say the information here is spot-on.

  10. It would have been helpful to give some tools for deciding on their various packages. How much must you drink daily to make the various drink packages cost effective? Why would you pay extra for the specialty dining, and what do you get? How much wine can you bring on board at each port? There are subtleties for the line that would be helpful to know.

  11. Ridiculous – he says avoid virtually all Cabins.

  12. Great video ,thank you.

  13. Thank U for a verry good information sir…;-)

  14. Absolutely love Princess our prefered line.. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wife and I grew up cruising on Carnivial, but at some point you want to go to another cruise line because of all the rude kids. After we went to Princess, we never looked back. Cruisers are older and very few kids. Best cruise was the 28 day and the 15 day cruise to Hawaii from west coast. Put that cruise on your buck list.

  16. We chose the all inclusive one-time tip option and I think it saved us money at no difference in service. For Anytime Dining, we found the service late in the available hours was the best for service and timely arrival of the main course.

  17. Thank you! Very nice run down of the different cruise levels. Our first Pricess cruise is coming up and your video was very useful.

  18. Great vid, well done

  19. Absolutely PERFECT! But could you please make a video about Princess cruises careers ?
    Best regards,

  20. So Good and Beautiful ship

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