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  1. looks like a commercial center. No intimacy. Not for me

  2. im at the 240 the easter egg is
    pizza place and 8am Will give free food

  3. Royal Caribbean definitely wanted to make this class of ship feel more classy, while the Oasis class ships was meant to get that family trip to the beach feel.

  4. Why aren't there that many people? Btw very nice ship.

  5. how much if you stay here for 3 days??

  6. wow the cabin balcony window is half opened  ??

  7. bumper cars on a cruise ship? I guess to keep your damn kids busy; but this reminds me of the strip in Las Vegas — flashy, sparkly, way too much sensory input, and tacky. I think I would HATE a gigantic cruise ship. I would prefer a smaller ship- more personal and would feel more like you're on an actual ship instead of a tacky hotel/casino in Vegas (I live in Vegas so I get to say that. But, locals don't really go hang out on the strip anyway). Parts of the ship are really pretty- have to admit. Is that chick singing Diamonds are Forever and they're making it looks like she's floating or something…. OMG who staged that nonsense? And then there's a very obvious guy hanging with a string instrument (cello) for no apparent reason…. ugh! I have, however, stayed on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA several times– one time we were upgraded to the Queen Mary Suite and had a private tour– I love that ship- she was built in my grandmother's hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. AND, I had a friend who worked as the accountant & payroll on a BIG cruise ship; and I was allowed as his guest while docked in Los Angeles (where I lived at the time) and we had a really nice lunch in one of the nicer restaurants on the ship, and then had great sex in his boyfriend's suite. WHAT? gay sex? Hell yes.

  8. I've never been on a ship that is strictly a "cruise" ship. How does it ride compared to Queen Mary 2 (I've made many line voyages aboard her.)?

  9. Those Quantum class cruise ships are ART.

  10. I liked virtual balcony inside the room

  11. That's anthem of the seas, not quantum of the seas

  12. No rave? :/

  13. This looks like a Simsons episode

  14. ugh that room sucks

  15. Did you use the old minecraft splash sound effect in your intro

  16. Beautifully filmed

  17. super amazing my experience here.very relaxing holiday.

  18. I'm so excited I am going to the cruise in March 24! 20 days left!

  19. Я обязательно здесь побываю со своим любимым на наш медовый месяц!!! 🙂

  20. ive taken cruises before (largest one i ever went on was the explorer which has a crazy amount of size and…stuff) but i, always blown away by what they put on these ships. it's just amazing.


  22. MERCI!!!!! C'EST BEAU!!!!

  23. wow awesome video! thank you

  24. the bionic bar is cool… how does it work, do you order your selection from a tablet, or does a RC employee do the button mashing for you?

  25. It's big for humanity, but still nothing for nature and ocean.. 😉

  26. Α remarkable video tour!

  27. Holy sheet! I could chill in the infinity pools at the solarium all day!

  28. So just to get it straight I'm 20, I can't drink on the ship? Or purchase alcohol in port for the ship?

  29. thx.. looks good

  30. IS A GREAT PLAYER of the cruise

  31. Nice Ship, nice Video! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Great video and the editing is awesome.

  33. These ships are two big! You must have filmed very early. I love cruising.but getting away from crowds not taking them with me is a big point

  34. the crew r having a hard time.

  35. Four days!!!!

  36. Is THIS the chip Harmony of the seas?

  37. This looks better than the carnival glory ship I was on last February. smh it was a nightmare, I hoped on the ship to nothing but old and heavy set white ladys…..

  38. where are all of the people??

  39. i would make that bionic bar my bitch and get so wasted hahah

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