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  1. Hi there ! I also traveled on the Monarch.

  2. why are you putting out a video four years late this is 2018 almost done and over with and you got a video for 2014 why don't you put out a video more up-to-date and more current!!!

  3. This is annoying

  4. am i the only one who thinks that royal carribian has watched this video

  5. We’ve cruised with both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. Structure doesn’t work for us during vacation. That’s why we take time off from work… no structure! We never felt pressured to up charge our dining with Norwegian, Royal on the other hand, well…
    water parks on Norwegian were awesome too, as well as the ropes course, and walk the plank on the Escape. NCL ftw!

  6. I personally like the structured dining. I just got off the adventure of the seas last week and we had the early seating. The whole point to me was that we got to get to know our waitress and she got to know us.

  7. Well. I am an NCL fan… but now in 2018 with the new RC new ships they have the control so far… try to make a second part

  8. Video is too one sided. How do you have a compare and contrast video and you've never been on the other ship?

  9. And I definently agree

  10. RCCL VS. CCL?

    so sad Legend left……

  11. Sometimes it is just nice to dress up and go on a date night for dinner rather than just go grab some food and thats it. However I like both options.

  12. "A bad day on a cruise ship still better than a good Day at work" nice dude absolutely correct.

  13. I personally like RC dining. I've never heard of eating with strangers. All the cruises I've been on with RC it's been a group of 9 of us and we always had a set table, time, waiter, dress code etc. Last summer we tried out Norwegian which was nice but we didnt like the freestyle of it. You could eat whenever, you didnt have a set dress code etc. Personally I like routine like that so that probably explains why I like routine of eating at the same time every night with the same waiter, same dining room etc. My family and I are sailing on Harmony of The Seas this coming weekend and we just heard about My Time Dining so maybe they will separate us

  14. My wife and I both work blue collar jobs that deal with the elements. Other than a few special days a year we rarely get to dress up. Taking our best duds and showing my wife how special she is to me and experiencing the finer things in life for a few days is worth it. If you don't wanna dress up stick to the windjammer.

  15. Ive never been on Royal
    Caribbean bit I have always had a great time on Norwegian.

  16. NCL all the way I’ve been on the breakaway twice

  17. UPDATE : Royal Caribbean have caught up. With water parks.

  18. I want Royal carribean to be my favorite fruits ebut Norwegian is better they have warm bread instead of room temperature bread and feels more luxurious but that was on liberty, Ima be going on harmony/symphony and hopefully it’s better because I want royal to be my fav but Norwegian is taking that spot

  19. i went on epic too! haven suite 17029

  20. not with most now rccl has alot of the same waterslides as ncl

  21. Very helpful and informative, this is the kind of video i wanted to watch bec its straightforward

  22. PS- I think the food on RCI was better in buffet/dining room; however, the food in other restaurants on NCL (included in the cruise price) was better. Best lobster and pizza was on Carnival, believe it or not!

  23. We have done Carnival (fun, cheap, loud), Royal Caribbean (nice, good food, great service), Princess(food was horrible, ship was in bad shape), NCL (upscale but not snooty, LOVED the dining experience! Best kid's club, went to Hawaii…HIGHLY RECOMMEND- esp, their luau…it was wonderful!- expensive though, but well worth it!)

  24. royal caribbean is better
    and harmony of the seas is biggest

  25. We enjoy Royal Caribbean's structured dining  so much better. We like to meet new people speak with these same people every evening. You become friends that you get to see again before your trip is over. No such thing on NCL. You sit either by yourself and/or with different people all the time. Never enjoying their people again. On NCL Escape if you don't make a reservation with the pre paid dining package many days in advance, then good luck trying to get a time to eat there. We ended up not using one of our prepaid dinners because we could not just walk in and eat. There was a line of people waiting every where all sitting and standing around waiting to get a table. We ended up just going to the main dining room. Same thing on then NCL Escape with their shows. You have to make reservations and if you don't do it in advance then you can't get in. No Thank You!

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