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  1. Just got off the Glory! Had the Cruise after yours 6/30 – 7/7. Looks like Brittany has some work to do. Several complaints about Hot State Rooms. Had to complain about 7 times to Guest Services, they were Extremely Rude and Refused to escalate issue to Management.Took my waiter who overheard issue that went to his Boss. Issue got fixed around day 5!

  2. Thanks for the video. I'm sailing on glory soon!

  3. 60 Videos? Man is this a vacation or work for you? WOW

  4. Brittany is still young 🙂 Would love to meet her 🙂

  5. Looks like she loves Space Watching the Space X 🙂

  6. Thank you Sal for doing this interview. Brittany is very helpful with the information she's sharing… very articulate. It is very important for us passengers to share accolades for special crew members.

  7. Can someone help me. I've been told if you go on a closed-loop cruise that you can board with a birth certificate and Drivers License? Yes I understand they recommend Passports but since I had to order me a new Birth Certificate, Idk if I will have the time to get a passport by the time my certificate gets here! I will try but just in case could I still be let on?

    I heard ports can require passports to get off/on and we are suppose to be going Cozumel and Progresso, does anyone know if a passport is REQUIRED? Thank you!!

    I want to make sure.

  8. She is making bank

  9. Great interview and for all the reasons she said is the reason I been on the Carnival Glory 5 times already with more voyages to come. The entire staff makes each cruise a fantastic one.

  10. Another great interview and great insight

  11. Excellent interview!

  12. Fantastic presentation Sal! Thank you so much. MickieG Adelaide Sth Australia

  13. When is the Glory coming back to Miami

  14. What a nice lady! Excellent interview, Sal!

  15. Charming, hardworking and successful young woman. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Britany is a HOTTIE!

  17. There were bed bugs in my room and friends room and another room with bug bites every night. Washed everything 2 times in hot water and no more bites at home. It was fun and great service but the bed bugs. Freedom ship out of Galveston.

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