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  1. Which ship was that on?

  2. Love the video

  3. That youtube money though….

  4. If I subscribe you get paid so yeah no subscribing

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How long should you sous vide a 2-pound lobster tail not cut in half

  7. I always enjoy your videos. The Galley tour was very nice. Great job.

  8. You're guys are so positive) It's a pleasure to watch your videos.
    The Food you cook is so nice, that I have no any doubts it's DEEEEELICIOUS!!!

  9. I loved the Galley tour.

  10. I like how you recycle food prep videos. Why not!!

  11. Awesome to be able to see the kitchen!

  12. "Oh wow! This is perfect!!"

    – "Is it good Mau Mau??"

    Everytime XD

  13. Love your channel! Question for you: if you were preparing steak and lobster but only had one circulator, what would your method be given the two different temperatures?

  14. Great boat tour/vlog! Great video always

  15. Great video guys. Question, does searing the lobster add much flavor or is adding melted butter enough? Thinking to do lobster this weekend but I don't have a torch. Yet.

  16. How do you stay so positive?

  17. Loved the video as always guys. I liked you showing the ship. Added to the already awesome video.

  18. Fantastic video footage! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to detect this sort of content. We make Travel & Food movies as well, around the globe, and so we are often hoping to find inspirations and also approaches. Thank You.

  19. That Ninja is something else, isn't he?

  20. "Hit it hard" "smack that thing!" Hahaha love it, DEF post more from your trips!! You got me over here smashing the like button on every video I watch!

  21. Hey Guga, What cruise line was this on?

  22. I'm curious how you choose what to butter and what not to butter in the bag for sous vide. Is lobster the same as beef and better sous vide without butter?

  23. Your videos are awesome. I've been cooking my whole life and don't have the time to experiment like you do. Keep it up man.

  24. Sous vide everything boys need to do musubi!

  25. "I'll stab you."

    I picture Maumau carving picanha out of Ninja! XD

  26. Awesomeness & Deliciousness! This video was inspiration! Keep up the GREAT videos…

  27. I don’t understand why people push the down button on this?
    This channel is just amazing! Greetings from Düsseldorf (Germany)

  28. @sous vide everything. Are you guys accountants?

  29. You guys should do a whole turkey and then crisp up skin with searzol

  30. Maw maw looking good bro! Losing that weight! 😀

  31. Try to make a stew with sous vide.

  32. Here's a thought Sous Vide v/s Air Frying cook and sear .

  33. Why did you skip deveining the lobster tail? First time I've ever seen the slightest "issue" with one of your videos. Keep up the good work, regardless.

  34. Guga, We recently did a Carnival cruise on their newest ship, the Vista and we did the "Chef's Table" where they take you back to a "special" room with it's own kitchen and they prepare a 6 course meal for you. also did a tour of one of the galley's. It was well worth the $99 extra fee! One of the dishes was a sous vide Sea Bass cooked in olive oil… it was Amazing!

  35. Quick question. In the beginners guide you said not to torch too closely. But it looks like with those wide mouth torches, you torch closely. Does it affect the flavor?

  36. It looks DELICIAMAZING!

  37. Ninja, I'd say yes I envy you, but I've got filet mignon waiting for me in the sous vide at home. 😀

  38. Fantastic video my friend. I liked the boat scenes. Really cool. Keep up the great work!!!!

  39. Such passion for food guys. Amazing!

  40. I always feel extremely excited when I see a new video from you guys 🙂

  41. Thanks a lot bro! That kitchen tour was great, Ive been on quite a few cruises and never saw the kitchen before. Thanks Guga!

  42. Yea any action make it better OMG I WANT SOME will i ever Sous? No! to me its a waste of money! but every one not like me> i can just let it marinade just as good Just figure up the cost! Is it worth ? No

  43. Yes, Ninja, I envy you now. To get over it I re-watch the turkey and Nutella videos. Haha.

  44. What do you do bro hire me lol

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