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  1. Hi. Follow me on Instagram @sayhitomatthew Cruise trip playlist here –

  2. I saw the Michigan State Spartans flag!

  3. Ughhhh!!!! Sea turbulence!!

  4. FYI I don't recommend this but you can use your cruise card for the casino you don't need cash. Caution very easy way to over spend.

  5. Well done Matthew with all the great shots. Burgers and Burritos with the dinners does not look so bad. Your honest opinions of the stops along the way are what we need and want. That makes your videos worth watching. Bon voyage onward to your next destination! Enjoy!


  7. Honestly Matthew, you should start your own travel company. With the aerial views you do and and the honest evaluations of each place you were made for this. The fact that you are so picky about the beaches and you give an honest opinion is probably why you have such a strong following that keeps growing! Keep up the great work and never stop being picky, you paid for it, you deserve the best!

  8. Super jealous that you have a pin from the Stardust Casino.

  9. HA HA so now you know nature sucks and those nice beaches with the soft sand are all man made for tourism. Also not having access to restrooms is BAD but that happens everywhere. Vending machines and stores want to sell a nice drink but when you need to get rid of it there's no place to go, realizing all those nice clean restrooms in Las Vegas casinos are there for a reason. To stay and keep gambling.

  10. I find it very strange that there seems to be a lack of restrooms.. Great vlog!

  11. Love your stops. Big fan of St Thomas and St Marteen but never been to Kits or Lucia. Now that we have young kids we usually just do the free beaches at most ports when we cruise. So nice and easy and kids love it.

  12. I hit up the donut bar here in Scottsdale today. I told them how there is a Matthew discount in Vegas so they gave me 10% off!

  13. That beach would be perfect for some treasure hunting. Just need a small metal detector and you should find some good stuff that all those tourists lost.

  14. Hi Matthew. Nice of the cab driver to show you a nice view on the island. A nice if you just want to kick back and relax. At least you didn't have to drag your beach chair. Hard to believe you weren't that hungry after waking up, especially seeing what you ate for dinner. LOL. Congrats on the double up.Thanks for sharing.

  15. I’d be going hard on the burritos and burgers too lol

  16. Thanks Matthew! Great Itinerary for this trip!

  17. I don’t get why you can’t film in the casino? What’s the big deal?

  18. Loved the shirt Amanda!

  19. Yo when are you going to Vegas next? I’ll be there from September 29th – October 3rd!

  20. Great video. My only disappointment is you've shown us 3 beaches so far and not one Amanda bikini shot. ha ha Anyway look forward to the rest.

  21. I went to Cockleshell/reggae beach like you the first time I went to Kitts. The next visit I just did an island tour that was offered as we stepped off the ship that was like $25 dollars and they took us to Carambola beach club after the tour, which I preferred over Cockleshell/reggae.

  22. We really didn’t like cockleshell beach . Worst Caribbean beach we have done . We are back in December so will have to getting looking again .


  24. I know your being picky for us as viewers to let us know which places are the best to go to for cruises but it would be nice if your more honest with everyone about the different places that you go to and give your honest opinions about them but then again everyone has their own opinions of the places that they go to and if they like it or not or if its okay. Glad y'all are enjoying the cruise so far and enjoying the food that's on the cruise as well.I do have to say it must be nice to do a lot of traveling and seeing new places and experiencing new places as well.

  25. Thanks for putting this up. This is why I decided I am not a cruiser. I think if you are into the ship part, you will have an awesome time. But the closest ports are always a little shady and touristy and you don’t have time to get too far away from the ship to be back in time. Thanks again!

  26. Damn homie. You look like Brooks Koepka!!

  27. Matthew is that the only public beach on the island? Wondering if all beaches are rocky like that. Enjoying your cruise videos!

  28. Matt you can charge gambling to you room as well. They charge you a convenience fee to do so. Just an FYI. Enjoying your cruise blogs as well.

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