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  1. You guys have enough filthy cash in your bank. That's why you don't hesitate to travel with luxury.

  2. I love the first nope 🙂

  3. Bro can u give ur number ij need some help from u

  4. At 12.:36 which song was that?

  5. Great video. Thanks.

  6. ορεο μα ανοιτο αλα μου αρεσει

  7. Going on a cruise ship or a first class plane ticket .Ill have to choose as my money is not unlimited……but will do one for sure

  8. kitane ki tickets thi?

  9. This is awesome.. I hope i get into this one day

  10. Whts d cost sherry?

  11. What is the cost the trip ?

  12. 4N/5D Singapore Cruise Package Booking from India | Call +91 9836117777 | Visit :

  13. How much was the tickets sir?

  14. Very Amazing… Good teaching and Good Luk

  15. Do they have good options on veg food items?

  16. India is a rapist country never visit india.

  17. @11:01 That's so couple! xD

  18. How many hours? Or days?

  19. Hello, I’m a Sri Lankan person. How can I try this awesome trip? Please let me know. Thank you so much

  20. I've been on Mariner of the Seas and Quantum is my next stop! Can't wait! yelp

  21. 7 countries in 7 days only 500 $ ,start from peurto rico , victory carnival ship ,free food and accomodation

  22. I have to seen this video so many times great video

  23. ive watch this video like ten times

  24. एक सलाह : हिंदी में बोलोगे तो ज़्यादा भारतीय जुड़ पायेंगे तुम्हारे चैनल से।

  25. NICE………….

  26. I could see everyone is walking without seat belt…..

  27. Lovely vlogs

  28. Omg…awaomeeee u guys….love it


  30. please send the fare details and expenses for you.

  31. Bro How Much trip cost including food, flights and everything ?. Please reply

  32. Kochi to singapure how much ticket cost for couple

  33. Soooooooo nic

  34. how many money

  35. Cost kitna hua tha

  36. How to book n kitna rupee lager hai

  37. Which camera do you use

  38. How much it costs you

  39. I didn't found any tour from Mumbai?

  40. I will also go in 2019 in cruise

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