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  1. Im going next month for my birthday and this has been the best video ive seen about the ship! I live close to miami, and when i saw the ship in person my jaw dropped. I cant wait !!

  2. Could not agree with you more about the entertainment on the RCI ships, I am happy to hear you single out the musicians on board, an important reason why we remain "loyal to Royal!"

  3. This was super helpful!! I can better know what kinds of things to try for my Oasis cruise coming up!! Love your enthusiasm and fun banter!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Such a helpful video! We are going for my husbands 70th birthday and our 50th wedding anniversary this November. I do have 2 questions.
    I get very seasick and use multiple products which help some…I heard you mention a “sea band”-what is it and do you feel it’s very helpful?
    I also wondered if the Bionic Bar is included in the adult beverage package…some members of our party are considering it.
    Thanks again-we just happened across you but have subscribed!

  5. I can’t wait! I will be getting married in Dazzles on Symphony in February!!

  6. We sail symphony in August!!! We can't wait!!!!!

  7. July 6th from Miami. Almost that time!!!

  8. We were on the Symphony this past March. We were wowed by the Oasis but totally awed by the Symphony. We have only done two specialty dinners, one on the Grandeur, Chops Grill, and Hooked on the Symphony. We both LOVE seafood, but I am, or rather was not, a big fan of mussels. The mussels prepared by the chef at Hooked were EXCELLENT!! A weeks cruise on this ship only scratches the surface of what the Symphony has to offer. The ONLY time we felt crowded was when the mandatory lifeboat drill concluded.

  9. ok, so I think you may have convinced me to try RCL…that ship sounds amazing….we saw it docked beside us in Nassau this past March….HUGE! we wondered if we'd be swamped with crowds…looks like you didn't have problems with crowds. Will have to look in to trying it out….thanks for the vlog!

  10. Great review! Curious about how gratuities are handled at specialty restaurants?

  11. i also cannot have cheese but u can definitely order a cheesless pizza however u want it. its great

  12. Taking it for our Honeymoon in March- you've got me very excited about it! THanks!

  13. "ooooohh weeeee"

  14. Did you try JiJi's on the Horizon?

  15. Really enjoy your review videos (and all the rest as well), you guys are consistent and provide excellent, honest reviews. Thank you!!

  16. Good honest review! Nicely done…
    one thing to look for next time … I believe Johnny Rockets has a complimentary breakfast menu. We did it on the Allure and not many people seem to know about it.

    Keep on CRUIZ'N


  17. Awesome, can’t wait to sail on her. Thanks

  18. This is a strange question on the surface, but I'll explain. Would you try Eden if you get opportunity to sail on Celebrity Edge? When you got to Wonderland review, I immediately thought of SoloCruiser's recent experience with Eden, with its' weirdness. I'm sure you've compared notes already.
    Overall, great review.

  19. Awesome videos! We have always. Ruined Disney but going on Oasis of the Seas in December 2020. They are upgrading Oasis to be more like Symphony so I’m really excited!

  20. Leaving on the 6th of July on the Symphony of the Seas out of Miami. This really helped me as I was extremely nervous about the megaship. Thanks.

  21. Awesome review, Sean & Stef. I’m going to be on Symphony in October for our annual conference and really love all the inside info!

  22. Great video, I'm trying to decide if I want to try those BIG ships and this is helpful. I feel like even though you are super positive you are also honestly evaluating everything. ( I was chuckling to myself that the food may be so amazing because you guys eat a lot of spaghetti at home!)

  23. BRAVO! Great review! Want to go like …NOW..! So pleased to hear Sean was taken care of so well with his food allergies too….

  24. Can you make one of these for the Seaside?

  25. they need to make park cafe a larger venue as its my place to go but always busy

  26. Such a great comprehensive review. Thanks for doing the quality videos that you do.

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