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  1. Were there no men on that cruise with balls enough to stand up to the "teens"?

  2. Kick them off at the next stop the punks need a lesson.

  3. I dont give a shit Id knock the little shit out and dump them in the ocean – then call the captain to steer back to pick little fuckers up and ask what they learned…

    Oh and i don't give a damn if they're black

  4. Is there ever any doubt at this point in time that if the media says the perps were "teens" i t absolutely means they were black didndus? I would bet $500 these as*holes were black thugs. AAGGHHH!!! when will the whites get a backbone and start to address this problem? Blacks: low IQ, minimal impulse control. Seriously bad combination that's not going to change. Send them back to Wakanda.

  5. The first mistake was taking Carnival . I ever go on a cruise I’m going Disney . Does no one remember that summer those ships kept breaking down ? Or the Titanic ? Or the Consta in 2012 ?

  6. I went on carnival a women pushed me over the railing


  8. They should have dropped those punks off on a deserted island

  9. People need to learn how to stick up for themselves

  10. Man, these comments about paying with ebt cards and food stamps. y'all sure do know an awful lot about it… guess you got it huh?

  11. Lolll the cruise ship is so fucking obsessed with profit they can’t just refund the passengers. The entire cruise line should be nationalized fuck private ownership

  12. What's the problem? You're out in the ocean aren't you? Shove them overboard. Problem solved.

  13. At least there wasn't blood pouring out of any elevators this time.

  14. Terrorized? Lol. Fuckin snowflake DUMBERICANS again.

  15. He pushed your wife and you didn’t wipe the floor with that little shit stain? Come on man. Stand up for yourself and you’re wife

  16. Here is a soultion to this whole thing get put the punks in a life boat end of story let them find thier own way home if they are going to terrorize people.

  17. What you talking about, they dindu nuffin.

  18. Teens gone wild.

  19. I thought every ship has a jail where people would be held until they get to shore, then turned over to the police.

  20. Throw the punk over board where the fuck are his parents

  21. If the woman that one teen punched and uppercut had done that to MY WIFE I would've knocked his ass out with a right hook and stood over his unconscious body until either his "good for nothing" parents/chaperone or security came and got his punk ass. I would've gladly gone to jail just to show that punk POS teenager a SERIOUS life lesson.

  22. If the "teen" was arrested where is the booking photo? Or atleast a description.

  23. They should sue the parents

  24. Does it matter that they were teenagers? no? better clickbait for the petty old timers?

  25. Must of been a all you can eat watermelon and fried chicken cruise

  26. So two teens “terrorized” an entire floor of grown ass adults? You let yourself be intimidated by a couple of punk ass kids? It’s one thing if they had a knife or something and they were tearing through passengers, but it sounded like one lady was punched and that man got his glasses knocked off. And everyone was just standing there in awe? Gimme a fucking break. Maybe security was in awe that a group of grown ass “men” were powerless against 2 teenagers.

  27. Hmm…no pictures, no names…13/90?

  28. I have NEVER heard anybody say, I really enjoyed my vacation while on a cruise ship. If you want to be on the water, then visit Viking Longboats.

  29. If security does nothing then it's time to kick ass.

  30. " $109 Refund"
    Oh you, Being so Generous. You multi-Billion dollar industry giant….

  31. You mean to tell me that this big, burly guy let this little punk slap the glasses off his face? What about the other passengers? When they saw all this going on why didn't they help that woman or that man? Where the hell was the security officer? If security didn't help the passengers could have at least restrained the thugs until something was done. What a bunch of cowards!

  32. Free cruise not anything less

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