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  1. Which are the best russian river cruises?

  2. I took a Scenic River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.  It is expensive – but you absolutely get what you pay for!  Compared to other river cruise companies the value that Scenic provides is unmatched.  There were mainly Australians, a few Kiwi's a few Brits, 6 Canadians and 4 Americans – only 169 passengers on ship.  My father and I were 50% of the Americans.  What I loved most is that my fellow travelers didn't complain – So refreshing to travel without with whiny, entitle-minded Americans!  The food was wonderful & well prepared although it was geared to non-American tastes (cool with me!), the excursions were INCLUDED in the price, varied and allowed for choices of different activity levels.  Cesky Krumlov, Durnstein, Reichsberg Castle, riding e-bikes along the Danube – I just can't say enough about this cruise and the great excursions.  Alcoholic drinks included and are available all day – even outside of meal times.  The dining options are great – casual, light fare to exquisite upscale fine dining.  I just booked another cruise with Scenic – I can't wait to go!!!  I totally disagree with the negative comments.  IMHO Scenic is the way to go, great value for money spent, food & drink fantastic, wonderful excursions, excellent & attentive staff!

  3. I returned recently from a river cruise and it very much like you said in your video. We were on the Main-Danube canal and the Rhine and Main river . The food was excellent. The scenery was beautiful. Excursions were led by people local to each area. We went to several UNESCO sites. We met almost everyone on the ship and enjoyed the company of many. I hope to go on another river cruise next year.

  4. Disappointed in RIver cruise we took last year. Drinks were only available during lunch and dinner and didn't enjoy food. 2 weeks on little boat too long

  5. I went on one from Amsterdam to Basel. He's 100 percent right. Normally no children aboard – none on my trip, but they do have separate family cruises. No walking through a casino for meals. Limited on board entertainment. BUT! The food was 5 star, the trip was fantastic in all senses. I would do another in a heartbeat. Sure, more expensive, but sure beats an ocean cruise on so many, many fronts. Nice advice video

  6. Olá sou marinheiro de rio dos bArcos no rio Douro trabalhei no quen Isabel se tiver trabalho para mim ok tak you

  7. Hello! Thanks for all the great info you provide in your videos! I realize this is an older video, but I hope you see this and can respond 🙂 My partner and I are younger (I'm in my 30s and he's in his 20s), but our style of vacationing is more in line with what you've described for the river cruise excursions and what I understand is common when sailing the ocean with lines such as Celebrity and Holland America. We usually spend a lot of time doing guided tours at museums and other cultural attractions, as well as enjoying local foods. We also love experiencing symphonies and other such events. Because of that, something like a European river cruise sounds like a good fit for us. I'm concerned, though, with two things: (1) we're a same-sex couple and I wonder if these smaller river cruises are as queer-friendly as the larger ocean cruises, both in terms of crew and guests, (2) my partner has issues with motion sickness and I wonder if these smaller river cruises are going to be more problematic on this front than the larger ocean cruises. If you're able, I'd love a response to this post. Thanks again, and be well! -JosuéMR

  8. How aBOUT RUSSIAN RIVER cruises?

  9. Something I really like about your style is you keep a concise procedure on your message and don't dilly dally with personal anecdotes and unnecessary chatter. You are someone who delivers a clear message…THANK YOU!!

  10. Did you say 10? Really? 10?!

  11. Just got back from a river cruise…you nailed it!

  12. Enjoyed the video tips as we are going on the Serenade 2 … a Shearings cruise, 1st August for our golden wedding anniversary 3rd August. This is our first river cruise so was feeling a bit apprehensive about what to wear etc. So this was very helpful.

  13. thank you so mucth. very informative video. i am following your tips. thank you. OBRIGADO

  14. Thanks for the intel!!!

  15. Im going on a river cruise in a few weeks so i decided to watch this

  16. Yep want to go it but were too young for the crowd

  17. Thanks for this video

  18. Many, if not most, river cruises are NOT all inclusive. Some give wine, beer, soft drinks with meals only. Many expect gratuities. The top end cruises are inclusive, and worth the extra (IMHO) with top shelf spirits included.

  19. Как в этой коробке можно отдыхать ,нет прогулочной палубы вдоль борта

  20. What to except on a European River Cruise.
    1. Unless you work really hard, you will not be immersed in the local people. River Cruises are tribal.
    2. Because you are part of a tour, expect to visit places where tourists congregate.
    3. You will eat the local tourist food.
    4. Expect your fellow travelers to have an entitlement mentality, that the culture you come from will follow you on your river cruise.
    5. There will be very limited inconveniences. Everything will be served to you on a platter. If this sort of smooth, non-cultural immersion is your thing, then go on a river cruise.

  21. This is extremely helpful in me aware that a river cruise might be a big mistake for me, and it's much better to get a warning ahead of time than learn the hard (and expensive way). I'm in my 60s and very mobile with no need for special assistance, but I have COPD and use a portable oxygen device much of the time. Even moderately hilly terrain, inclines and stairs pose a challenge that will slow me down, particularly in humid environments. Thanks for pointing out that one should expect considerable walking, and I'm guessing at least some of that won't be on smooth and level surfaces. If I may, I'd suggest that you put a lot of emphasis on who should/shouldn't consider this or that cruise, excursion, etc. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I can't do everything I could do 30 years ago and I'll bet others are too. Thanks as always for a valuable and entertaining presentation!

  22. Very interesting and I full info!

  23. #11. Don't go! Europe sucks!

  24. Is it a former nazi u-boot facility at 3:46?

  25. Idiots paying money for stupid shit. I worked on cruises and passengers have no freaking clue. We all see them as fucking stupid idiots.

  26. Thanks for the info, according to your description I would hate a river cruise holiday.

  27. Could barely understand him. One of the worst speakers I have ever heard

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