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  1. I've overdosed on nearly ALL of your videos I'm going on the carnival ensenada cruise in March…please share anything else or helpful you think i should know about that particular cruise…IT'S MY 1ST CRUISE

  2. Can you tip in cash right then and there?

  3. Some cruise lines will let you pay standard gratuities in advance.

  4. @2:48 Tab water is only for survival purposes. 🙂

  5. about water- i bring an empty water bottle and fill it at the water station – or at the restaurant ask them to fill it up or just ask for cups of water for your bottle. works for me.

  6. When you’re in port can you buy water and bring it on board?

  7. So bottled water is the best? Rrain water is better and no cruise line would serve up bad tap water. Here in Australia (not Austria) we have pristine water ways, no pollution of our main supply and can even drink from our running streams and rivers. We still have problems however we still drink from the streams and rivers direct. Also we do not and never had Kangaroos hopping down the main streets. Just saying.

  8. You shouldn't cut tips ,cruise employees do not have a hourly salary, they depend on tips.

  9. ITubeList translantic Cruise crystal

  10. A close friend who cruises religiously told me that you should expect to pay in added expenses what the cruise cost itself. So on a 1500.00 cruise you should budget 1500.00 in added expenses.
    She also said it's actually better to use a travel agent than trying to set up the cruise and airfare yourself.
    I'm planning on trying to get a cruise on Royal Carribean's new "Symphony of the Sea" for next spring. This will be my first cruise EVER so any advice would definitely help.

  11. Seems very pro the cruise lines. A lot of costs are a real rip off. As a soon to be first time cruiser, I'm already angry about the gratuities, internet, water policy, photography etc. They should just add it to the cost of cruise and save the bad feelings from the plus plusses rather than poke you in the eye with the extra charge stick.

  12. With Carnival you can pay your gratuities up front. I've been on several cruises and I LWAYS factor that in and pay them upfront. I love these videos though. We are going on a cruise in August and I am definitely going to use several of the tips I have gotten from binge watching these videos.

  13. These companies would have more customers if they didn't try and scam people

  14. has some really great discount rates on parking for the port canaveral cruises. Shuttle to your cruise ship also available.

  15. I know y said all inclusive on meals and drinks how can you tell what's really not included in the price

  16. So basically 1500extra or more ontop of everything else. Screw it, ill go redneck vacation. Cheaper and only the cost of a 6pack and a tank of fuel.

  17. Whats so enjoyable about a cruise ship if on every corner they try to grab your money?

  18. Went to the comments to find if anyone else had hidden costs tips and all I see are comments about her speaking style! Shame on you haters! Sherry thank you so much for all your cruising tips!! Keep on keeping on!

  19. Or… just book a Premium Cruise Line where everything is inclusive (except merchandise on the onboard stores) rather than choosing a "budget cruise" but everything include soft drink makes you spend more money for it.

    Viking Cruise Line for example, there is "all in one packages" where you can get a wifi onboard for free (actually it wasn't free but it's included on the initial price), eat at any restaurant including speciality restaurant at anytime (not just main buffet, 3 meals a day) and every single ship facilities like Lounges, Spa's, Theater, ect. without any additional costs because everything is inclusive.

  20. I bring a couple of water bottle with built in filter, that way when I use the water fountain on the ship my water is filtered.

  21. Nice wedding bands

  22. Can you pre pay for the norovirus medicine?

  23. You come off as very scripted and fake

  24. 1) One very significant cost to Canadians is the conversion from US$ to Canadian$ since most cruise lines show their prices in US$. Use a factor of +30% to +35% at today's rate. So for example that $2000.00 fare shown in US$ now becomes $2600.00 for Canadians – something not to be taken lightly. Further, if you are cruising by yourself, DOUBLE the cost for your chosen cabin in most cases. Some ships (particularly some of the new ones) do offer single cabins at a posted rate so you don't have to pay the heavy surcharge. Onboard charges need to be converted as well so these are additional costs to be taken into account.

    2) All Inclusive Travel Insurance Package – Trip Cancellation/Interruption Baggage Loss and above all EMERGENCY MEDICAL COVERAGE. While this can add several hundred dollars to your trip cost, but to go without MEDICAL can prove to be a financial disaster since the costs will be born by you and can be many thousands of dollars.

    3)Onboard internet is expensive. I bought a "Pay as You Go" package and it worked quite well. There may occasions when the satellite link may be a little weak and you may not get your message sent and use up some of your valuable time. One very good way to save your internet time, is to compose your e-mail message on "Word Pad" so you can take your time and edit as necessary without burning up time, then simply attach to your e-mail and send it. Really helps stretch your expensive time out.

    4) Pre and Post cruise hotels. Optional but make sure you are at the departure port well in advance – I went a day ahead and spent overnight. Stayed at hotel that offered package price for accommodation and transportation to/from the cruise port. Definitely saves a lot of hassle on your departure day.

    These are just a few of my points for some additional consideration. Happy Cruising,

  25. $16 a day is nothing! I misread a sign in Vienna & paid 165EUR for 3 days in a garage at a college campus. We had driven to town and the owner of the condo recommended a garage down the street (the one I parked in for 3 days).

  26. Pack a water filter pitcher like Zero Water abs just filter your own water.

  27. I taught shes seducing me lol, but overall very informative thanks

  28. i just stay in an oceanside hotel and pretend im on a cruise while im on the balcony

  29. Great videos, but I must add, tips are NOT mandatory, you can opt out if you like by filling a form, tip less or tip more if that is what you want. You could choose to tip your favorite waiter, or bar tender, etc. one on one basis.

  30. I drink mainly water, but I hate the taste of tap water. The chlorine and stuff… ick! I'm considering going on a cruise next year for the very first time. I drink a lot of water. During the summer, especially when I'm active, I'll drink 2-3 liters of water a day. This is why we usually just fill up our 5 gallon water cooler at home instead of buying bottled water and fill up coolers to take with us when we go fishing and stuff. Otherwise, I would be going through a LOT of bottles and… waste. Anyway! I was thinking about bringing a water bottle with a filter built in. Maybe test it at home first… Has anyone else used one for tap water? Does it get out that disgusting pool water flavor? I can't believe I've never tried one before, but I know the Brita filter pitchers work great. So it would be safe to assume that the individual bottles would too… right?

  31. Ok, you've talked me out of ever taking a cruise.

  32. I’m confused what if one of the packages you picked is for tip… is there more added at the end?!?

  33. Best cruise ever was a Holland America with 1100 passengers, but 800 were all from an evangelical group — they didn't go in the formal dining room, the spa or the bars, it was luxurious to have the whole ship to ourselves! Also, they let you bring your own wine so that saved a ton.

  34. Royal Caribbean dinged me the gratuity up front, which I think is nice. No sudden cost at the end I wasn't expecting…. hopefully.

  35. Frankly all these cruiseline companies are scrounchers and scum. But it is good you warn people for their lies. Unfortunely most people are addicted to status and neglective!!!!

  36. Good advice for cheap/chintzy cruises (2500-3000 people). We prefer (and pay more) for small ocean cruise ships(900 or less people) or river cruises(less than 130 people). Pay more, but get a LOT more i.e. free wifi, gratuity included, premium beverages, fridge replenished daily along with bottled water. No headaches.

  37. Just some notes I’m trying to keep as I listen! Charges even when all inclusive. If you drive to port to leave, prepare to pay for car rental $16 per day. WiFi package on ship or find out when off ship. Tips $12 per person per drinks? Not sure I got that …. Check your own bottle water, save a lot! Carnival doesn’t allow you to do this. Every photo taken through their photo program, cost like $30 approx. look into plans ahead. I think I need to go back over and listen again! Lol


  39. mandatory tips are not tips

  40. Why does everyone seem so unwilling to tip? Do you know what the workers make? And the conditions they work under?

  41. Why do make that smirky face and tone?

  42. Thanks for the wifi tip

  43. Even on cross Channel/Irish Sea ferries you can get slammed for phone calls/wifi… son called his girlfriend for maybe 10 mins and received a £40 bill…they called it 'roaming fees'…we didn't know, but it was mentioned in the papers as to what a con it is when I googled it.

  44. for our coming cruse in a couple months its 16 or 31 for the bus from airport to ship…..depending on airport….

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