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  1. this ship will need upgrades every five years lol its the worst idea in history, its so high tech that it'll become obsolete very quick

  2. Check out the Celebrity Edge!

  3. That goes to my home town of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in the summer months. Cool looking thing

  4. smh its really just GLaDOS controlling the whole room. those panels explain it all

  5. Oh yes , going on a cruise with a few thousand idiot millennials sounds like such a freekin' blast.

  6. Xbox arcade??!!,it needs a ps4 arcade

  7. I’m going on harmony of the seas next month! (It has the same model)

  8. Shut up and take my money

  9. Plot twist :the price is 50times higher than you would expect

  10. USB ports in the rooms would be enough for me tbh

  11. But does it have a Starbucks?

  12. "wifi as much as a hotel room" "20$ a day" sure…

  13. I hate this idea. The best part of a cruise is connecting with people in real time and not relying on a cell phone. Yes I get that the point is to attract new people, but ones who NEED the technology to enjoy vacation shouldn’t waste there money on a cruise.

  14. Would love to go on one of these cruises if I could afford it lol. cries inside

  15. The one thing they didn't consider is that most millennials are broke. =/

  16. Fossil fuel powered, non-free wifi, and plastic cups. Right.

  17. Do a Vid on Anthem and Ovation


  19. When he said "Felicia" I heard "BYE BYE".

  20. Whats the music at the beginning

  21. So many things are off of the anthem of the seas the only thing different is that pink bear and the robo bar

  22. I love how people who have never been on a cruise are here in the comments acting stupid when they dont even knie wtf w cruise ship is.

  23. why not 60 fps. ffs

  24. lol when celebrity edge comes out, quantum of the seas might at most be known as the "second most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world".

  25. 5:43 RFID no thanks, who would take a chip in the body that will give you cancer? no thank you!

  26. Ok, time to start saving

  27. I've cruised about 5 times with Carnival only maybe we should try RC…..hummmm.

  28. As their target audience, I'd rather spend my hard earned money exploring another country, not on a super sanitary and curated cruise. Don't get me wrong, this looks cool but also a bit boring. I don't mean to speak for everyone, but I think times are changing. While older generations liked the familiarity and assuredness of cruises and chain restaurants, me and my friends like exploring and experiencing new things.

  29. 600mbps is kinda slow for a GIGANTIC SHIP

  30. Xbox died and now playstation is the future

    they failed already

  31. What happens when the Internet crashes??? And what happened to old school?

  32. Hey man! Millennials can disconnect, its the generation after them that doesnt understand disconnecting.

  33. rip all those europeans working on the ships

  34. he should said that all that stuff cost extra

  35. What is that quality

  36. Whats the point of a cruise if you are watching tv and playing games the whole damn time

  37. I'm going on a Royal Caribbean cruise for 7 days to many cool places!! We have a suite for the 4 of us and we're leaving in a week in a half

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