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  1. I really hate how North Americans are ok with wasting so much food. If you are not going to eat it don't order it.

  2. Coffee is not part of the 15 unless it has liquor in it. And Milkshakes are free also not on the 15. Find your go to bartender Tip Cash and you will be happy.

  3. It’s 15 Alcoholic drinks ! Unlimited everything else ! A day

  4. This video sucks rhinoceros dick

  5. 7:26 if you are looking for a good and relaxing cruise, DO NOT choose carnival, Like Celebrity Cruises are better for that. Carnival ships are just party ships..

  6. Hello Don, you are awsome and a very good speaker. I have been on 30 + cruises and majority with Carnival so I am platinum with Carnival. After being on many cruises it is inevitable that you will get sick at some point. I am like you and like to feel ship rock and never sea sick but I have got other sickness while cruising. My question is what cruise line has the best tv programming. Most people will say you are on a vacation so who cares about TV……but I beg to differ. I don't want to do activities all day and night. We like to rest in cabin and have fallen ill while cruising so would like to have tv programming when we are in the cabin. Carnival has a few free movie channels, movie rentals, and spanish channels though the shows are usually english. Morral to the story is the programming is terrible so if you like to lay back in the cabin and watch a little tv… are in trouble. Do you know if other lines have better programming.

  7. I’m going on the cruise in July 2019

  8. We just went on our first cruise, on the Carnival Miracle. It was very enjoyable. We dined with some folks who had been on many, many cruises and they told us about a lot of these tips, which helped us immensely. On the food at dinner, the husband of one couple one night had three lobster tails and the prime rib, plus a couple appetizers, AND dessert! For the gentleman below who's looking for solitude, all cruise ships include a library. Thanks for the tips!

  9. This ship should be called, disaster ship. I never ever so , so many unhappy people, witch have been employed by this ship. I didn’t have a good feeling , something is a wrong with that management.

  10. Carnival stinks

  11. Carnival is a section 8 cruise ship

  12. Aboot and oot Cruise in your own country……oh thats right you cant since boring canada doesnt have anything fun.

  13. Carnival cruise is the bottom of the barrel.
    Viking ocean cruises
    Are the way to go…this is a 6000 passenger ghetto cruise line.

  14. Lol this dude, this looks like a public access program from the 90s

  15. If you’re on carnival you’re a cheapskate anyways.

  16. They now charge for room service after 10PM.

  17. It’s cheap because it’s a slave ship. Slave labor from third world countries. Workers work 12+ hours a day for months on end. They sleep 4+ to a shitty state room at the bottom of the ship. You’d be surprised with the suicide rates (workers jumping overboard). All while fatass Americans stuff their face 5 times a day. Shit’s a floating sweat shop.

  18. Sailed many times. Always a great time. Going again in September. This time a much bigger ship (Carnival Dream). We'll see. Fingers crossed.

  19. my port expenses have always been given back automatically. plus a on-board credit, out of 15 cruises only skipped port twice

  20. Noooo stop wrong!! Its 15 alcoholic beverages is the limit, coffee and sodas are included and don't count towards alcohol beverages. I've done this for 5 cruises wrong info be guy.

  21. Don I want to thank you for taking the time to do these videos you really are fair and well informed. My husband and I are about to retire in a few months and have never for one minute considered taking a cruise until I watched you talk about your experiences. When ever you see or hear any advertising about these cruises they always show skinny beautiful people, no people of color and no children. The way they advertise there cruises you can not help but to think that the minute you board your going to feel out of place. Would you mind touching on this subject?

  22. Whelp, First piece of advice is wrong (coffee does not count towards cheers), kinda hard to take what he says serious..

  23. I would go through my drink package in a day!

  24. I’ve cruised with carnival 3 times, aboard Elation, Conquest, and Paradise, and except for the time one of my relatives got violently ill either from strawberry soup or from seasickness(onboard carnival Elation) , they are a great cruise line.

  25. Thank You for the Tips

  26. With CHEERS program you're limited to 15 ALCOHOLIC drinks per day. And you can have Spirits and wine by the glass and other stuff under $50. If it's over then you get 25% off. I had it for my cruise and loved it. The only reason I won't get it again is because I didn't drink enough to make the cost worth it. All the restrictions are clearly laid out in the FAQ.

  27. Still dragging my feet to cruise on this line. Just me, but still listening you never know.

  28. Carnival cruises are the Walmart of the seas.

  29. This video looks like it was made in 2007 wtf

  30. I love that you put the green screen of a cruise ship moving behind you. It's a nice touch.

  31. You might get more subscribers if you change that music in the begging…… interesting video though

  32. Carnival is the K-Mart of cruise lines.

  33. How is being stuck on a overcrowded stinky boat considered a vacation?

  34. Be careful going to the infirmary. Maybe saying your tummy is a little upset is ok, but if you mention you have diarrhea, you’ll most likely get sequestered to your cabin for at least 24hrs possible 48hrs

  35. The eternal boomer

  36. Thank you for the clear and concise video.

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