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  1. There all cargo ships

  2. Disliked, unsubscribed, reported.

  3. cool video but music…

  4. merchant beautiful appoint lzgomh thereby tube fire evil bible adequate.

  5. and just like space travel, nobody goes for building biggest ships anymore, except for the dumbass cruise industry

  6. Also I like how all you talk about is how these ships compare to titanic.

  7. Actually jarmada wasn't fast in 1911 ships could go 36 knots.

  8. 10:24 why is there jungkook there?

  9. im confused. these are all work vessels designed to transport goods. you cant compare work vessels to ocean liners. thats comparing apples oranges. revise this list for ocean liners instead of work vessels and then lets see where the titanic stacks up then

  10. Symphony of The Seas?

  11. the titanic will still be the best

  12. What about cruise ships?? Like allure oasis harmony ??

  13. your comparing an ocean liner to cruise ships and vessels.
    you should have compared ocean liners.
    We still love the Ttanic because of its luxury, and how big and tall it is.

  14. Were is titanic

  15. My dick would of been an honorable mention

  16. You forgot destiel… the biggest ship.

  17. Wtf is the fr? In normal is meter!!!

  18. These fucking list makers are so phony and uneducated always mispronouncing anything foreign

  19. Titanic Made on 1909 finished in 1912. that is 100+ years and Titanic is just like they're Ancestor but what if They Rebuilt Titanic And it's look like a Real TITAN Ship. Right now our ship is more hightech compare to Titanic.

  20. I heard that in the future the tititanic will disappear because of ocean germs ):

  21. Titanic is still the beautiful ship ever made

  22. Whats up with tankers…. Compared to a cruise liner ship

  23. Hiiiiigchcyjg y yg 8 h

  24. I crossed the ocean on the Emma ship. She was amazing. Time to cook.

  25. Fucking ft? Use meters for God sake…

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