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  1. Number 3 was removed. If you want to check it out yourself it's the "MSC Meraviglia" from MSC Cruises

  2. I have travelled in dream cruise it is awesome

  3. I have spent months researching into cutting costs while on cruises and found a fantastic website at Arack Ship Tips (google it if you are interested)

  4. I got off of the MSC seaside today. It was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. The ship itself wasn’t so bad, But the activities were boring after the first day. Also, the service wasn’t fit for my dog.

  5. the first one looks like a knock off ncl ship

  6. I just got off the Carnival Ecstasy' old, old ship. which mean no perks. I mean no perks. Not sure if Carnival has a lot of cutbacks, or this ship just doesn't have anything. My 4th cruise, we had 12 of us, and they said they stayed bored…it was 10 1st timers. I told them a newer or bigger might be better. But we went swimming almost all the time. No Captains dinner, No mid-night dinner/movie. We did have a movie, but with early dinner, no movie. So I love to drive from Ohio, saved air-fare but not if they keep old ships. Maybe try to drive to Baltimore, newer ships there.

  7. This looks awesome

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  10. No Royal Caribbean?

  11. America have invaded countries. Russia & China are ready for a major invasion of the U.S., Canada, European nations. Every man should prepare their most accurate rifle or regret forever. No one will protect you.

  12. Sal thanks for the informative info…My husband and our 20 yr. old son have never been on a Cruise.. This is sad… Nor have they been to any Bahama/Caribbean Islands! We want this "oh so much" canters

  13. Even how beautiful and luxirious ur ship is..if u will go for china market it will turn into a garbage bin because chinese passengers are pigs..

  14. Let me just get some money to go on one of these ships aaaaaannd it's gone.

  15. que hermosos este lugar

  16. This list is only considering the best 5 NEW cruise ships coming out in 2017 (not the overall best ships)

  17. Tailored for China? That means it'll be trashed in a month! Culturally, they aren't as clean and as aware of environmental impact. Just see what happened to Disney Shanghai.

  18. Great welcome inCruises clubs

  19. I was upset that there was no royal Caribbean

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