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  1. Those megaships are hideous. They look like floating housing projects. I'd never book a trip on any of them.

    If one of those monsters sinks, over 5,000 people could be lost. The Titanic didn't teach greedy cruise lines anything. The megaships still don't have enough lifeboats.

  2. I'm glad I don't own Anything That Floats because they're all money pit,s regardless of size the smaller the vessel that less money pit it is the bigger the vessel it becomes a bottomless Money Pit in cost in maintenance and upkeep and such now you know what the letters boat stands for it stands for bring out another thousand.

  3. Everytime I see these ships I think, "what an ugly piece of junk, why would anyone wanna travel that way".

  4. the water looks so dirty

  5. They build giant ships but never know how to move them until there's an accident. It happened with Titanic and her sister Olympic too

  6. Ma que buesta no

  7. Lets us all climb aboard the sinking ship.

  8. Who cares about a little tugboat that is someone's whole life and their job. SMH.. Idiots.

  9. What a ridiculous ship

  10. A similar situation happens when a Golfstream G650 is too close behind an Airbus A380 on the taxi way. I believe there may be some video of this happening on YouTube, maybe.

  11. Isn't it ironic that the ship's name is Norwegian Escape, with escape unfortunately not being a possibility for the tugboat?

  12. === No side view mirror: another 2 points.

  13. === That's 2 points off your license.

  14. dammit a vw bug took my parking spot, lemme shove him under water real quick lol

  15. A horrible floating hotel and shopping mall that are so gaudily furnished and decorated that they give you a migraine. Shouldn't be allowed on the seas.

  16. How can a huge ship go through such narrow water? Is it artificially deepend? Or is it just my lack of understanding of physics?

  17. There should be a size limit on cruise ships. Maybe half the problems they have would stop

  18. The prop wash puts too many bubbles in the water and lowers the displacement of the boat.
    You can't float a boat on a gas.

  19. That is a huge ship!

  20. I need more power Mr. Scott!

  21. Why would anyone ever want to be on that monstrosity?

  22. You sank my battleship!

  23. That’s not a tug boat.

  24. Propellers are dangerous

  25. is anyone else seeing the issue up-river? that would have made a video in itself

  26. It is not a water it is shit

  27. hello insurance company,we had a major "whoopsie".

  28. Where's a U-Boat when you need it.

  29. That tug is a fucking joke.

  30. Whats with the water jet coming from the side?

  31. That's a lot of D A M A G E

  32. Floating obnoxious hotels of mass pollution for fat asses to gorge themselves on buffets. Just the 15 largest ships alone pump out more pollution than all 760 million cars on the planet. Your SUV isn't the problem. It's cruise ships and massive increase of cargo/container ships mostly from China.

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