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  1. Why did you set your alarm to stay in bed for 90 minutes?

  2. I have never seen a deck 18 on a p&o ship before even though I was on the azura

  3. Im a very low age (under 15) and ive been son about 50 cruises and most of them i get up at 7 am but stay up until about 1 am in the morning not much sleep on cruises for me

  4. If you don't wish to participate in the formal nights, then the alternatives are to go to the buffet or do as Kara and Nate did and go to a speciality restaurant. I do agree that the baseball cap should be removed.

    Also, this is a ship…. not a boat.

  5. I absolutely love going to the gym on cruises, I run on the treadmill and I could do it for hours with that view lol

  6. Baseball cap on backwards for dining…Nate! Even if you were in Tennessee that would be low class…if you were 14. Show Kate a little respect.

  7. Just think. He had to set up his alarm earlier than 7 so he can get the camera placed properly to go back to bed and reset his alarm to fake waking up on camera. Awesome.

  8. what is the name of the ship?

  9. Have you false teeth?

  10. i hate the backwards cap under most circumstances, but I positively loath the fact that you were wearing it at the table during a formal dining night. Rest of the video was great though!!!

  11. I’d jump off the boat

  12. What is ur job

  13. cruise is really fun… if you are over 50s.

  14. What cruise line is this thinking about going . For clarification, you had to walk up all those steps because there was no elevator? What deck were you both on?

  15. It was a good video nicely done, only negative is the hat at dinner, that really did bother me for some odd reason

  16. What are this ship?

  17. ❤️ the "I Fly Free" sticker on the computer.

  18. I want to see how little hair you have left in 5 years from wearing that baseball cap. A bald spot will form which is the result of no breathing for your scalp. Maybe you should go ahead and shave your head now to save time.

  19. "TYPICAL DAY AT SEA" … good God you people are boring !

  20. Fun! We cruise often but haven't done more than a week at a time. Maybe someday….

  21. What cruise ship is that?

  22. Is that you Ronaldo?

  23. Hey there! We just found you guys and saw where you are from TN! Mind if I ask what part? We live in Knoxville. Love cruise videos so I'll be checking some more out. Just subbed!

  24. Glad I am not the only one who found an issue with the hat (on the head) in the dining room. Stay on Carnival if that is the atmosphere you want, sonny.

  25. please remove your hat in the dining room!

  26. Eek, getting up at 7am on holidays?

  27. Can't believe you wear a hat in the restaurant….the height of bad manners.

  28. So sweet the coffee and kiss!

  29. did you put a timer on the camera to record you getting out of bed or was it on record the whole time
    or did you put two alarm to keep the camera and the other to act like waking up 0:23

  30. Who wears a baseball cap at the dinner table like it’s ok?

  31. Omg all of these hat comments are insane! I'm sure after the first few he understands how you feel. If he wants to wear it, let him. No need to roast him about it. Cant believe with all this awesome footage everyone comments on the hat. Lol.

  32. This makes cruising look a chore and a bore.

  33. which cruise?

  34. Well done. I enjoyed watching your videos. I also appreciate you giving info on songs used. Some vloggers leave you in the dark or just tell you what site they bought a license from.

  35. line dance ! RUN. where is the life boat

  36. This chick is so annoying

  37. Hey y’all, this is my first video of yours that I’ve watched. Which video shows the how to do this?

  38. 4:59 you look like cristiano ronaldo

  39. Wow. Makes cruising seem like exactly the senior middle middle-class conformist hell I've always assumed it was. It looks like a low end Vegas casino that you're not allowed to leave, but without the scantily clad waitresses, free booze, and ez access to excellent drugs. I hear the food is actually mediocre at best too. Sad!

  40. Why are people freaking out after the hat?! WHO CARES

  41. ATTENTION!!! All the comments below this one is about his hat.

  42. I love sea days!!

  43. It is a race to the bottom , in this world, today . Please take off your hat.

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