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  1. Glad we had a chance to go!

  2. Marcella cruises offer nothing say they cannot go to Cuba because of congestion

  3. NCL responded almost right away, they even gave a good offer to their customers, which is VERY unusual for NCL…

  4. Trump is a complete idiot.

  5. I couldn't care less!! No effect on my life what so ever…

  6. Gotta laugh. It's like the mouse and the elephant.

  7. Good move Mr President! When most people want to leave there, who would want to visit and spend money there. Like the other comments say just go to Miami, more Cubans there than in Cuba. I have no issue with that because they are free now not under the thumb of a communists dictator.

  8. Thanks for the update Bruce. I know a lot of people will be disappointed to have to make a detour of there vacation/holiday going to Cuba. Hopefully they will just be happy to be on a cruise. Sylvia

  9. I heard yesterday that if you already have a trip planned you are "grandfathered in".. not the case? Regardless.. stupid ban..

  10. I have a question for you if the cruise ships do not fly the American flag with the exception of the one that is the Norwegian pride of America which only fly sales in Hawaii and flies the American flags why can't cruise ships go to Cuba

  11. My cruise leaving on the 19th has just been rerouted to Costa Maya, Mexico.

  12. All cruises to Cuba from the US have been cancelled. The 700,000 to 1,000,000 people who booked them are out of luck.

  13. No problem!!

  14. I find it funny that we banned travel to Cuba but not China. Just saying at least Cuba doesn’t harvest their citizens organs .

  15. Too bad things like that Happens, tve effort of saving money on cruise to go Cuba and Boom!! Now is wasted thanks to Trump Goverments

    Cruise Always have something planning for issues but like a special itinerary like Cuba is very difficult

    But I would recommend that everyone Cruise Line make a port of call in their private Islands then or go Key West, Grand Turks Islands, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, O puerto Limón, some Colombian Port, or even Bermudas that no man y ships visits, I dont know just some ideas can Make the cruises lines think better

  16. cruise lines have passengers of all nationalities. why would they not stop at cuba just because trump says americans are not allowed.

  17. Why waste your money going to Cuba? Its much cheaper and easier just to go to Hialeah Florida. As of right now you don't even need a passport.

  18. The trump crime regime strikes again!

  19. Good, until we have actual relations with Cuba we should not be going there

  20. I'm glad this happened and should have been shut down sooner.

  21. Hello Bruce, does any cruise ship have an “AMI JUKEBOX”? One would that would play “Seals & Croft’s” like I’m guessing you’d enjoy?

  22. Seriously!!!!, Virgin Cruises is screwed over already

  23. Our taxi cab driver, (born, raised & still has family in Cuba )out of Miami this week told us that the people of Cuba have not benefited one dollar from the cruise ships coming to Cuba.  The corrupt government takes everything….the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle.  We may not like what Trump is doing, but why feed into a country that takes all our US dollars but does not filter it down to the people.

  24. Thank You to the State Department !

  25. Bruce,,, there's not a lot of confusion going on. It's just that Asshole Trump way of making America Great Again by punishing cruise goers because Obama open the doors to travel to cuba. I wish someone tell Trump that Obama can hold his breath longer than he can.

  26. Good. Glad Prez banned trips to commie Cuba.

  27. Go to Jamaica and take your cruise from there to Cuba

  28. Good. Funding the monstrously criminal murderously communist Cuban regime was the worst decision of the Obama Presidency.

  29. awesome. Reverse everything Obama did. Love it !

  30. I have no problem not going to Cuba!

  31. Their government doesn’t behave and stay out of Venezuela then they lose our business!

  32. Good informative video. Shame it's going to be bad news for many cruisers who planned to visit Cuba.

  33. Book with a foreign cruise line and leave from a foreign port. Many Americans don't seem to realize that there is more to cruising than ports in Florida.

  34. Sorry for all of those people that who already paid and wanted to go to Cuba.

  35. Its about time

  36. We knew it was coming, No surprise.

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