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  2. It took me 3 minutes to figure out that camera angle

  3. Suicide? He didn't seem to want help.

  4. I say again….you can't FALL off of a cruise ship!

  5. when he says he likes daredevils

  6. Did he die?

  7. Well, he got what he wanted. Thanks buddy for ruining this trip for the other people.

  8. Don't care his fault

  9. I'm scrolling through the comment sections and I'm seeing so much people getting angry over a bit of dark humor.

  10. Time for the mental institute. I would have enjoyed the cruise a lot more than he did.

  11. The propellers probably sucked him up before he could do anything 🙁

  12. This was more tough to watch than a unarmed black man getting shot on camera.

  13. 2018 of titanic… i want a refund

  14. Imagine how many things come out in the middle of the ocean at night,man I wonder how bad of a night he had

  15. Oh he’s gone. It takes miles for those things to stop let alone turn around

  16. Somebody did not like the price he paid.. maybe he was trying to get his money back and failed miserable.

  17. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  18. He didn't have to make a big scene though

  19. Do they really need to explain how infrared works lol

  20. If only jack was there…

  21. Eh, you buy the ticket…you take the ride.

  22. What an idiot! Sorry but the staff where just doing there jobs!

  23. When I was 8 my grandmother couldn’t find me on the ship, so she went to the captains deck or whatever. Long story short if I truly was missing they wouldn’t have found me. Carnival cruise is jank. My grandma in tears god damn- love ya grandmas

  24. And why did the ship not stop when he was dangling? Had to keep the schedule I supposed.

  25. Was the buffet breakfast really that bad?

  26. I heard he's aquaman now

  27. It would be the most preferable way to commit suicide though for someone who doesn't want to leave with a burden, ie, a cost to family members for a funeral, which is why this is probably common choice of death for suicide at risk people

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