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  2. Please leave out the annoying transition next time.

  3. I been here before

  4. Ive never been a big Carnival fan, their ships (even the new ones) are still out of date. Room Decor is stuck in the 90's and I feel they are trying way to hard to compete with other cruise liners. One thing I will say is that Carnival does a great job at throwing parties and interacting with their guests. I always had a good time.

  5. My family has be crushing for over 30 years and we always get there early and board once we get there. And same thing with dinner. We choose the time in advance when my aunt books the rooms and cruise.

  6. i’m sailing on the Valor in 2 weeks and i was looking through the dining options and a lot of them said “included in price” does that mean they’re free to eat at?

  7. So can we bring both 12 cans of soda and the 750 ml bottle of wine or is it one or the other?

  8. Hey Sal Pitera let the vacationers know that they should sign up to Carnival VIFP club and get deals on cruises in their email. Also, book your cruise through If you see a lower price, which happened to me, you can't pricematch. I had a difference of 130.00 lower just yesterday and the Orbitz agent couldn't pricematch. Once you do purchase your cruise keep watching email for lower prices. you can pricematch unlimited times. And check to make sure you are on a quiet level and with balcony. Evidently there are a lot of areas on the ship you don't want to stay in. The window only rooms don't allow you to open the window. And GL.

  9. USAA takes care of the ATM fee. I also take a power strip because there's not a lot of outlets. They also let me bring a gallon of distilled water for my CPAP.

  10. Hi,enjoyed the video and tips,thank you. Maybe tone the music down as becomes annoying.sorry. Viv

  11. Lose the foghorn between tips, annoying.

  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Saving money to sail on Sunshine in May 2019
    First Cruise 🙂

  13. Hi Sal,

    New subscriber to your Channel. I am saving for my first Cruise next May. Thanks to you I joined Carnival's VIFP Club. Today Carnival called and a personal vacation planner helped me pick a 1st cruise, answered numerous questions. Just great customer service. One day after I joined the loyalty program.

  14. Excellent video Sal. I've cruised with Carnival before, and this still had a bunch of topics that I didn't know about. Thank you sir.

  15. Thanks for the info.

  16. And don't forget to pack an extra electric surge protector!

  17. Is tea n bottle water free on carnival?

  18. Just came back home from carnival horizon 2018 and it was my first cruise I had soon much fun went to Bermuda it was spoiled beautiful

  19. Watching this after my cruise

  20. Carnival is the Kmart of cruises,screaming kids,crowded pools, buffet lunches with people that think its their last meal. the same thing that appeals to you about Carnival appeals to everyone else on a budget.but if you can live with that it's worth it.

  21. Dining time? So I can’t eat when I get hungry ?

  22. Hi. I booked my upcoming cruise late so have 1:302:00 boarding time. Can we still go to the Lido for lunch? Sept 9 on the Pride.

  23. Horn is annoying, no disrespect.

  24. See you in 6 Days Vista!!!

  25. I’m going on the carnival breeze in November and I’m kind of worried about the places I’m going to are dangerous as in like crimes and someone who will rob you.

  26. Should the wine/champagne be packed or should you carry it on?

  27. Always go to guys burgers and fries

  28. Great tips, the horn noise was super annoying.

  29. I'm going on this in 14 days

  30. I prefer Cunard way more

  31. Make sure you check on how much you spend they will add on shit you don't ask for or didn't do watch the bar they doubled prices and give themselves big tips

  32. Can’t go wrong with carnivals burger joint. AHEN I TRYED THAT IT WAS LIKE ME BEING DEMI LAVATO TO METH

  33. Back in 2004-2005 ish I Forgot my phone in my room and the staff used it to call another country I had proof of the call and the cruise line did nothing about it and told me it wasn’t possible. Carnival did me dirty I didn’t trust them

  34. Me and my mom went on a carnival cruise and we boarded like 3 hours before our boarding time

  35. watches video day after carnival cruise

  36. Love the fact that I can bring my own 12 pack if soda. But putting it in a carry-on, would be way too heavy. If I put it in my rolling luggage, is it possible to bring my own luggage on board? Or do you have to check your luggage?

  37. Thanks for this video. I'm taking my first cruise this year. Super excited!

  38. I'm going on a P&0 Cruise in 3 weeks! I'm super excited!

  39. That was so helpful. Thank you so much!!!

  40. I hate that we have to waste a full day of our cruise just about the safety stuff

  41. Navy Vet here…I have my sea legs already

  42. This just sounds so sucky. I feel its not my cup of tea at all.

  43. Can you bring plastic bottled soda instead of the cans? Thanks.

  44. The casino lanyards are for casino patrons only and the staff have been instructed to give them out to people actively playing and it is one lanyard per guest. They will not give them to minors either as minors are not allowed in the casino. It is best to bring your own lanyard. They alao sell Carnival lanyards in the gift shop.

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