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  1. Canada invented the jet airliner, and even the jet fighter (goog Avro Arrow), and the snow mobile !! great white northerners make good beer and good planes !! :)No forest-wrecking fires for Greece, or wherever this is !

  2. Freeze the video at 1:04. Expand to maximum. See the words "Securite Civile" on the side and the number 32 on the tail? Now, go toélican_32_Gérard_JOYON_PROT_CANADAIR_2006.jpg See the words "Securite Civile" on the side and the number 32 on the tail? Any more questions?

  3. That’s how you make an entrance!

  4. The inlet is small…anything or anyone hit by it would be spaghetti…

  5. I never knew they could resupply on the move. Pretty neat.

  6. Thank you for this video!

  7. Bloody brilliant.

  8. I'm so happy, that there isnt any gay asf music over this video

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  10. That was in Nicea (France) ?

  11. I think your slightly confused about bombs I know I sure as shit wouldn't go to war with them as the leading force

  12. There is one tiny boat who probably felt like an asshole for being in the way and terrified at the same time.

  13. Geil, wie sie paralell starten

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  15. Very satisfying video. No vertical. No waggling around. Simple and consistent till the end. Congrats!

  16. Tale Spins!!!!!!

  17. Location?
    Title should include " 4" .
    I suspect it is safe to clear the area for all of the planes, than have planes and boats randomly use the area.

  18. Oh we oh….tailspin

  19. Ive seen 2 such planes at the french island "corsica"

  20. Imagine if someone just ROSE to the surface after diving for octopus and he got scooped up by the plane and then dropped off over the fire and when the plane landed the plane's crew would rejoice over the left behind octopus and share fried calamari with American tourists.

  21. no problem 🙂 there is plenty of space for manuevre 🙂 nice and smooth
    i dont know but seems like 170200kmh with flaps is like fly for landing

  22. Best thing I learned from this video is to not wait to Pan the shot till the last plane but to Pan the shot as soon as the closest most active and interesting planes go by

  23. This water bombers are PBY’s used during World War 2, for water rescues, or scouting an area, and they can also care bombs and armed with Machines on the belly, both sides, and the lip of the plane. Well they look like them, but I need to see one up close

  24. Looks like a PBY Catalina but without guns

  25. Like bats coming in to drink.

  26. Set my ass on fire .

  27. Is that in Croatia ?

  28. Awesome Video !!!!! Thank You Firefighters for risking your lives to make sure we are safe….!!!!!

  29. Now thats what I call a water bomber formation fill up, getting filled with water then going to a fire to drop on it in a bombing run

  30. Those look like a Canadair CL 215… I was a wildland firefighter for about 16 years

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