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  1. This channel is like one of those North Korean propaganda channels.

  2. Top tip – never stand in front of a window when you're being filmed. It's terrible for lighting. You want the light pointing at you. Very enjoyable video though otherwise.

  3. Don't worry facilities hardly used…. crew work 20hrs a day 50 cence an hour…

  4. This video is all lies. Had a friend who worked on a cruise ship and he said it was terrible.

  5. Thanks for sharing I've never been on a cruise ship biggest boat I was on with my canoe

  6. Where do crew members cash you pay check

  7. I have a question, your hot and I want you to have my baby….

  8. 01:58 Interesting how crew member sitting on left side clearly didn't want his face on video.

  9. The picture of titanic flooding and sinking reminds me of the crew passage. Impossible to navigate in case of an emergency.

  10. you should turn auto ISO off on your camera, it would keep your footage from going back and forth from dark to light

  11. which cruise is this

  12. We weren't allowed to see what the crew eats

  13. If you have any relevant information about refrigeration technician on cruise or any information about it then please share on your new vedio or just email me

  14. Hello thanx for sharing this information with us. Well am refrigeration technician from India and working in kuwait. I would like to work with cruise line. What is the best way to get it

  15. Do you have sex from time to time?

  16. That’s true,I work on Royal,Celebrity,Crystal all the same

  17. inter-staff relationships ?

  18. Are there any nurses who worked on a cruise ship?

  19. wifi??
    does corporate stay in the berthing area?

  20. great video

  21. Didn't mention the ATM machine in the game room. I wonder what the foreign transaction charge is to use it?

  22. Lol, have to pay to use the internet while working there….

  23. why do they have a gym if they hardly have gym equipment and why tf do you take your own trash and separate it?? wowwww hahahaha

  24. How the hell does one play pool on a ship?

  25. Why was this a suggested video for me

  26. How much paid time off do you get during your 1-2 months of vacation?

  27. What cruise line is that

  28. Can deaf people work there?

  29. Do you have roommates? I cant imagine anything worse than being forced to room with someone! Private room should be give to each crew member

  30. Looks like a prison

  31. Hi, just curious, how many crew members borrowed the ship you work on? Thanks

  32. The vocal fry iiisss stroooong.

  33. how much does it cost o use the net?

  34. Ive been inside the crew areas it was an excellent excursion.

  35. Lighting sucks.

  36. She moves weird

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