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  1. I really don’t miss the cabins hahaha. Nice video.

  2. Do the cleaners clean the crews cabins ???

  3. Had a suite as crew member

  4. I'm a guitarist and I might want to work on board. Would I be able to fit a guitar and an Amp on the crew cabin?

  5. The space is much bigger than the crew rooms in those mega-Narcissist super yachts.

  6. celebrity??????

  7. Can you work on a cruise ship with bipolar I’ve always had this dream

  8. I’d like to put it in her porthole.

  9. Darn,and I thought it was cramped living on a aircraft carrier in the Navy

  10. What does the Officers (navigators and engineers) cabins look like? The cabins on cargo vessels tend to be 3times as big and for 1 person

  11. Looks like a damn prison cell.

  12. I live I same size for 5 years (five,Carl fucking years)

  13. That's a prison cell. How do you get proper rest after a shift in a space like that? What do you do for a little bit of privacy? You have to live like that for 7-8 months at a time? No thanks. Damn.

  14. thank you so much for being so open to sharing life and of course experiences, it has helped a lot actually. now i know what to expect

  15. is it allowed to stay a guy in same cabin??

  16. What makes you stay there? I think it’s better to work on land

  17. what's the process. into getting a job on a cruise ship?

  18. What's the average yearly salary and what do you do on the ship, hon?

  19. This is almost as shitty as when I was a marine on board a navy ship. Almost.

  20. aand what company you work for? is it from Australia?

  21. tell me how do you get a job in a ship? thank you

  22. brilliant video

  23. I’m sure this isn’t the same kind of room the executive chefs get lol.

  24. do you have ventilation in your cabin ?

  25. Why too Spartan for a crew that works as hard as these cruise staffers do. Gotta be young and flexible . . .

  26. Why does she dye her hair roots black? It looks weird.

  27. i do hope that they have handicap-accessible rooms for the physically challenged emloyees.

  28. Terrible living

  29. but what about sex?

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  31. If you don't like it then don't fucking work at sea! Simple!

  32. lol i use moroco too on my hair. sorry cant spell its the blue bottle in the bathroom cabinet

  33. I'm a Nurse Practitioner with Shell offshore oil-rigs. I was thinking about doing 6 months for fun. How are the accommodations for the medical staff?

  34. How do you partake in sexual acivities with the passengers and crew in there? ? ? Wtf? ? ? The crew of the loveboat had bigger cabins! ! !

  35. Those bunk took me back to my Navy days. These ships should consider similar arrangements as far as bunks. We could lift them for more storage underneath.

  36. Can some one get fired if caught having sex in a cabin?

  37. Hold on now..think about it.. I bet you the crew works very long hours…it's not a 8 to 5 job. They probably dont spend long amounts of time in their cabin..dont need a big cabin if they are going to sleep most of the time. They are not on a cruise.. the paying passengers are. also I would imagine they assign cabins based on work shifts…dont put two day shift people together..put a day shift and evening shift together…one works the other is off…more privacy.

  38. I am a merchant Mariner and I work on Maersk container ships in my room is about double that size easily and I have tons of storage space for anything and more than what I could possibly bring very comfortable and we have our own rooms but I enjoy the video have you ever considered working on regular ships? I know the type of shifts I work on generally pay a lot more also

  39. What crew ship is that? I got hired for Norwegian.

  40. What kinda underwear will i find when i come into ur room and into ur underwear drawer

  41. Very smart way to see the world. What places have you seen or
    still want to see?

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