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  1. Agree about the small bills. Good for tipping and haggling. You don’t want the vendors to see you pulling out large bills.

  2. You can take a clothes steamer for wrinkles we just came from a cruise and it was allowed

  3. Very helpful thank u!


  5. candy and gum, way way too expensive on ship.Extra medications just in case you break down and are stuck at sea for a few days.And the phone number od a good divorce lawyer. get the ball rolling before you get back.And always avoid at all cost hooking up with crew.

  6. Birth control pills and condoms for the men.

  7. Just poop in another bathroom on the boat they are everywhere

  8. Thank you so much mate!

  9. I'd rather smell poop than Febreze. It always give me a headache.

  10. Thanks for the video ! I also bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

  11. up speak? much?

  12. Great looking out

  13. The silly tiny thing I have forgotten to bring on the cruise multiple times that I've beaten myself up about is my own lanyard. It doesn't occur to people until they're handed that keycard that is also their id card that they have to keep on them at all times… as a girl with no pockets in her dresses (or swimsuits), it gets to be a nuisance to have to carry a purse just so I can always get back into my room. And buying one on the cruise ship is always way more expensive than it needs to be.

  14. Thanks from a first time cruiser for these wonderful tips !!!!

  15. Do yourselves a favor and make a list of everything to need for the
    cruise, long before you start to pack. Print it out and check it off the
    list as you pack it. You would be surprised what you will forget to
    bring with you. You really don't want to have to buy something you
    needed onboard. That can be expensive. Also, if you are on a 5-7 night
    cruise, take only 3 or 4 days worth of clothing changes plus swim &
    formal wear. Why you ask? You can always wash your clothes in the
    laundry and you won't have to pack so much. We always carry a baggie w/
    powdered detergent and bring a dryer sheet. That will save you money.

  16. great tips for a cruise my wife and i are going again this june these tips are just what we needed im gonna look for the jamaica and grand cayman cruise on your page to see what else i can learn from you

  17. Great tips thanks

  18. A few comments have already mentioned SPF ratings but I just want to mention that you won't find "SPF 70" because it's illegal to market like that in many countries. In the EU (and Australia, the home of sunburn) SPF ratings on a label cannot exceed 50 but say 50+ instead (this says it exceeds 60). Many brands still only label in the 30's (some say 30+ or 35+ even if they rate over 50) because you can simply add a thicker layer for improved protection.

    Some other factors to consider are:

    The spectrum – UVB does most of the burn but you really want one to stop UVA too so find a broad spectrum. If you still go red but there is no pain/doesn't feel burnt chances are you were hit by UVA. (UVB is the burner but UVA does more damage to the skin long term)

    Water/sweat resistance – This means it is better at surviving on a sweaty person but still needs to be reapplied regularly. Clean dry skin needs it every two hours, a sunscreen without a moisture resistance needs to be reapplied pretty often, while a resistant sunscreen needs it every hour or so… The label may say 3 or 4 hours but that is just how long it adheres, not how long it is effective.

    Sunblock – Marketing has abused this word but it used to mean it had a high zinc content (and some titanium) making a thicker white paste instead of a thinner oil. Check the labels.. If there are two SPF 30's and one has a higher zinc content then that will likely protect more.

    Finally, you can be irritated by chemicals. Sometimes a "burn" after a whole day in sunscreen can just be a case of having covered yourself head to toe, several times, in an irritant.

  19. This is very helpful. Thank you!

  20. Awesome! Thank you so much!!!

  21. We bring poopouri as well. Also don't forget the bleach wipes to wipe down your cabin. Sure the cabin is clean, but it never hurts to give it an additional wipe down. No one wants to get sick on a cruise.

  22. UV radiation reaches the earth in the form of UVB and UVA rays. UVB radiation plays a key role in skin cancer, and SPF refers mainly to the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen offers. Thus, higher SPFs can help: An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks 93 percent of UVB radiation, while an SPF 30 sunscreen blocks nearly 97 percent.

    in short anything higher than 30 is just a marketing ploy and does only 3% which is nothing, if you can only get 30, USE IT

  23. Girls halter made from men’s underwear

  24. Alway plan for the case that you will only have access to one AC outlet and make sure you have the adaptors and power strips to charge/power all your electronics from that one outlet. Also make no assumption on the voltage and power frequency. All your adaptors should handle between 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz.

  25. For the air freshener , sorry, but I think that’s just you.

  26. Pack a barber to cut that ponytail off!!!

  27. Great ideas ! Specially the first one about the "stinkyness" , is pure logic but people, as you mentioned, do not talk about this important subject and I think is One if not THE MOST IMPORTANT. And you're funny too. 🙂 Thank you !!

  28. Do cruise ships have ATM and can they exchange currency? I have used the sea bands and they work great for me.

  29. Very informative, thank you.
    Pony tail needs to go.

  30. Oh yeah, keepin it real. Thanks buddy 🙂

  31. Please go to Vietnam and south east Asia!!!

  32. For the sake of people not being expert in English language, IN THE FUTURE DON'T USE ABBREVIATIONS ANYMORE.

  33. Just curious, are you a teacher? I've watched a few of your videos, which are very helpful btw. But I'm just curious are you a teacher? I'm only asking cause you talk/ instruct like a teacher. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

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