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  1. Carnival has way better burgers and they are free. That Buffet choices a Royal Caribbean really sucks and you have to pay for a lot of stuff

  2. My carnival ecstasy cruise was only adequate, but it was cheap and fun

  3. Just got off Liberty of the Seas about 3 weeks ago. It was my family's first try on a RC ship after 3 previous Carnival cruises. While I like both lines, I saw a few differences as well, however, not enough to say one was superior to the other. My biggest observed differences in the two were they types of people who cruise them. RC was very laid back, but that was relaxing and ultimately what I was looking for in a cruise this year. There were not many people out all hours of the night on the ship like you see on Carnival. Carnival is dubbed "the fun ship" for a reason. They have more families and overall a younger acting crowd, with a lot more hard core drinking and gambling. All in all, I enjoyed the entertainment on the RC ship (it's a shame you missed out on that part) because it was top notch. The food hurt all of our stomachs on RC, whereas we never have had that issue on Carnival. However, I enjoyed the selection of the RC (Windjammer) buffet more than Carnival's. I think you just need to check out the ships beforehand, call the cruiseline, and ask questions so you'll be more informed before booking.

  4. Most of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships now look like shopping malls. That is not what I consider vacation atmosphere.

  5. Thank you for your honest review. I have been on six carnival cruises and one Norwegian cruise. I’ve been avoiding royal because of all the reviews I have read and because of their prices. For less money, I can stay in a grand suite on carnival than a regular sized room on the Royals. I have also read reviews that the ship is a ghost town after 9 PM. Everything just dies down. I guess I prefer the more livelier atmosphere that is found on carnival.

  6. Royal Caribbean is the best and remember it is not as geared for youngsters! RC is for more monied and older kids /teens

  7. You get what you pay for…..

  8. The truest deal maker!!! Which ship do you want to be on in the middle of a hurricane??? This does happen! It happened to me. The easiest experience when a hurricane changes course and catches you is the bigger ship!!! I was on a mid sized ship during a hurricane. Believe me ,when I got home I researched the safest storm ship!! Do not be on a mid to small ship in a storm! I will never do anything less than Royal Caribbean.

  9. There is a huge difference in various cruise lines and you chose to take the oldest Royal Caribbean ship and compare to many Carnival ships. I usually like the food on Carnival, but prefer the food on Royal. As for children's programs my kids and now grandchildren have gone on both and some will never go back on Carnival because they love Royal. However, the prices are not always that much higher. You might want to take one of Royal's other ships – with bumper cars, ice or roller rinks, the rock climbing walls, I could go on for ever, they have it all! so far! They are not just cruise ships they are resorts at sea. We've been on over 60 cruises and normally we choose the ports of call over the ship – but plan to go on Symphony of the Seas this fall, and it has even more to offer. As for food, always enjoy it, not always the gourmet that we started with but very, very good. I can't imagine treating your children to Disney and the oldest ship of Royal. I suggest you use a travel advisor or cruise counselor – they can recommend which ships to compare apples to apples. Enjoyed listening to your video – just would like to know why you chose the Majesty of the Seas to compare with Carnival. I will agree Carnival has the best Pizza and like their ice cream at all hours too.

  10. Ok people i have to say one thing …………….Carnival all the way.

  11. You need to take a newer Royal Caribbean Ship. The larger ships are 1000% better than any Carnival Cruises!

  12. I cruised Carnival in 2002, RC in 2014, and Carnival again a week ago. I definitely enjoyed Carnival so much better. Food on RC definitely seemed more limited, and the service of the buffets, both on deck and in Coco Cay, was totally disorganized with very long lines. I don't have children, so we didn't use the children's facilities. The pools on both ships left a lot to be desired — way too small to serve the amount of passengers. I will, however, stick with Carnival for future cruises.

  13. the difference is that Carnival likes slides and cigs more

  14. Thank you so much! I will not be going on Royal Caribbean. I love my unlimited pizza and ice cream on Carnival. LOL! I will stick with carnival, the next time i go will be my 11th one.

  15. I believe picking between cruise lines and ships is a matter of taste and where you want to travel. I have had the opportunity to travel on both cruise lines. I must say that I personally like Carnival better. I like going to the shows after dinner. I find that there's more to do on Carnival. I also found that on Royal, ice cream and other food items weren't available after hours. I also like taking my clothes back home clean and have ironed clothes during the cruise. On the Royal cruise they didn't have laundry facilities with irons. Again, it just a matter of picking what you like.

  16. As someone who has been crushing most of my life Majesty of the sea is an old ship, really old. Some errors in cruise choice.

    1. Bad choice of ships, was built in 1992. Old not a lot of amenities.
    2. Royal Caribbean is more for couples and relaxing. They have family programs but not like Disney cruise would have.
    3. Ship is old and small. Freedom, Quantam, or Osias class is where all the good stuff is.
    4. 4 day Majesty of the sea for a family of 4 would be extremely cheap and not worth the time to sail.
    5. Carnival is a party "boat". I find Carnival cruise cheat and somewhat gross.

    I would suggest a either Harmony of the sea or Oasis of the sea, seven day cruise.

    This is just my opinion.

  17. The first thing I was told about RC was "it's not a kids ship"…. my kids are grown. If they weren't, id be on Carnvival! But I will say…. I like Carnival better…

  18. I honestly think you had on odd experience most Royal Caribbean cruise ships are not like that

  19. The short answer?


  20. You sailed on the oldest ship in the RCCL line…

  21. Which is your favorite Carnival cruise ship?

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