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  1. I am a retired UK Class 1 Master Mariner and I like this video. It's not meant for mariners as a teaching aid. It's meant for ordinary people and it uses non specialist language. Great stuff and I am going to recommend it to my MSc Maritime Studies class in Singapore. Some of them are mariners. Most of them are not and this video will be ideal learning for them. Well done sir!!

  2. I’ve just begun my SQA Level 3 course in maritime studies hoping to become a deck officer in the future in the merchant navy. I’d love to see more videos on the physics involved in ships and would be very grateful if you made more like this.

  3. Tell this to the passengers on Costa Concordia!

  4. So, when will it tip over?

  5. I found this video minimally informative. The bottom center of a ship needs to be heaviest. Bingo bango. The lower n heavier a centralized keel the greater the stability. Cruise ships have no outer keel therefore the stabilizing components are inside. I'd prefer an great outer keel but that's jes me

  6. U don't explain about buoyancy itself.

  7. My brain hurts. I would have been cool with just, 'Because it just won't.'

  8. Does the counterweight moves automatically ? .

  9. ‘Why don’t cruise ships fall over?’ WHO THE FUCK ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO ASK THAT?

  10. Looks slowly at poseidon…

  11. Thank you for telling me not to like comment and subscribe that s***'s annoying

  12. Tell that to the Costa Concordia

  13. that italian ship tipped???

  14. stability depends on the metacentric height…

  15. what did i just watch?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Very good, but what about attacks by a Kraken or Megalodon?

  17. This has me all at sea

  18. well do to my flat earth research gravity doesnt exist so u sir are a LIAR!!! ships dont tip over because of MAGIC everyone knows this assssssshollle and your "SCIENCE" JESUS LOVES

  19. I am an engineer working in cruise ships for more than a decade. My opinion is that if the center of buoyance would be below the center of gravity, a cruise ship would be very sensitive to wind and even passengers crowding on one side. Such a ship would never be upright, because at very small angles of listing, the buoyance and weight would form a couple of forces that would increase the listing, maybe not untill capsize but for sure increasing it.
    Sorry but you are wrong.

  20. They just ignore the waves and keep on cruisin

  21. Great Video big guy. I did smash the like button. I am an engineer and you explain science and physics and engineering very well to the non science minded and or the interested who have a natural ability to grasp concepts but have not learned by experiment experiance or someone like yourself. You have a great teaching ability and that is rare, Thank you.

  22. I believe the centre of gravity should be below the centre of buoyancy. Else the ship would overturn. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. Am a software engineer. I don't know a lot about ships but this video explained so much step by step, that I was able to understand a lot about ships. Wow. Just amazing.

  24. This video was so boring i just googled the answer instead cause at least it wasn't a monotone voice reading the wiki to me that way

  25. Capsizing or keeling over occurs when a boat or ship is turned on its side or it is upside down in the water. The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting.
    If a capsized vessel has enough flotation to prevent sinking, it may recover on its own if the stability is such that it is not stsble inverted. Vessels of this design are called self-righting.

    w i k i p e d i a y o

  26. The Casual Navigator – Is Buoyancy the same as the 'Normal Force'?

  27. Anyone else watch this to see how a ship stays afloat and finished the video still wondering how a ship stays afloat?

  28. Nice! Never thought of this question, but it’s still an awesome silution! And it makes me even more sad that we hear more about human stupidity and not things like this.

  29. Ugh brittanic tipped over

  30. Wow. 534k people are this stupid. Most of them were probably adult and American.

  31. Costa Concordia.

  32. Well the still aint worth a damn for rough sea. Cruise ships stay fairly close to the shores. Ya need an ocean liner for the open sea laddie

  33. Center of Mass, NOT gravity.

  34. Ballast and stableizers

  35. I always thought the hull shape was such (such as an increasing radius curve) that the more the ship rolls the more buoyancy increases on that side causing the ship to want to return upright (and capsizing requires a large force overcoming this increasing buoyancy).

  36. These diagrams and explanation do not clearly explain or make a correlation for why the ship does not topple over. You need dynamic diagrams that will show the forces at work as the ship moves at different angles

  37. Baloney. We all know they send the passengers' money to the bottom of the ship to stabilize it.

  38. You’re forgetting about the costa Concordia

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