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  1. Correction time!!!

    While the Jones Act does restrict the carriage of passengers between US ports by foreign flagged vessels, the law that more directly prohibits it and regulates it is the even older Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886. Same regulations (pretty much), but different name.

    Also, one person on Twitter who sounded like they knew what they were talking about said that Norwegian Cruise Lines was granted an exception to the, "US crewed," regulation because the US government was reallllly thirsty for a US flagged cruise ship so apparently they only need to have 50% of their crew as US citizens while the other 50% can be foreigners with the right to work in the US.

    Please have mercy on me (and buy my merch.)

  2. America has more Americans than any other country?
    I call bullshit, where are your sources?

  3. And I'd that why the USDA says schools in Hawaii feel kids caned fruit from China? Maybe if Wal-Mart could get a boat from China we pay less!

  4. There's a bit of misinformation and grey area in this video. He already addressed the PVSA affecting passengers and not the Jones Act. To be clear though, these laws (called cabotage laws) exist in most countries. It's not just the US. They write these laws for private companies to manage international trade. They apply to airlines, road cargo, and ships.

    However there are 4* potential American cruise ships.

    The three that Norwegian owns were started in the early 2000's. The builder, American Cruise Lines, went bankrupt. The Pride of America was nowhere near completed and Norwegian purchased her partial hull/keel (then called Project America) at an extreme discount with the condition that they would be exempt from the build requirement for use in Hawaii. They completed 3 ships in Europe that qualified for American registration with limitations. They are not fully American vessels and cannot sail port to port in the US mainland. Hawaii only!

    The Pride of America is the only remaining American flag under Norwegian USA's ownership. The other two were re-flagged several years ago when the Hawaii cruise market slowed down. The Pride of Hawaii was renamed the Norwegian Jade and the Pride of Aloha was renamed Norwegian Sky. If I remember correctly they are both Bermudan flagged now.

    So what about the 4th American Cruise ship? Anyone who has been to IKEA in Philadelphia has driven past it. The SS United States is berthed at a pier nearby. It was built in the early 50's and was a top secret project between the government and United States Lines to build a passenger vessel that could be quickly converted to troop transport. It would also be the fastest, most indestructible ship ever built. To this day, it still holds the record for the fastest passenger vessel service to cross the Atlantic in both directions. It can cruise at over 40 knots in forward and could go 20 knots in reverse. For reference the top speed of the Titanic in forward was 20 knots.

    Funny enough, Norwegian used to own the SS United States. They sold it to The SSUS Conservancy about 10 years ago.

    Crystal Cruises ALMOST bought the SSUS a few years ago (was under contract) to upgrade/retrofit it for US mainland service. The project was scrapped when it looked like it would cost the same amount to re-fit her as it would be to build a brand new replica. My company was talking with The Conservancy about purchasing her for service after Crystal dropped out. We abandoned those plans Summer 2017 and as far as I know they are mostly focusing on turning the SSUS into a shoreside convention center/museum like the Queen Mary in Long beach. She's in pretty rough shape, but due to strong construction, tests show her hull to be 97% intact even after all these years; pretty good being that most cruise ships have a ~30-year lifespan. Her engines (steam powered propulsion) are no longer operational.

    The SSUS also maintains the distinction of having carried the most US Presidents (5).

    *I did not include the NS Savannah with the original 4 because she was really built as a cargo/research vessel to show off American nuclear ingenuity around the world. However, she took paying passengers during service; so honorable mention here. While she is still afloat as a museum (her reactor/propulsion still able to be operational), the red tape and costs for a private entity to operate a nuclear reactor at sea is too astronomical to be viable for passenger service (she doesn't hold many passengers). The NS Savannah is technically the most qualified candidate to be a true American-made, American-flagged cruise ship. She's the most recent vessel of the 5 that was actually built in the US + she is still American flagged & could be sailed again. She's the only one that could theoretically be fired up today and sail passenger service between to US ports anywhere.

  5. You have little understanding of the economic and military necessities of the Jones Act, not to mention the economic manipulations in shipbuilding caused by unfair govt subsidies in Asian nations. Do your homework. I’d be happy to share more info.

  6. 0:48 people swimming near a ship? They risk getting some sludge dumped on their skins.

  7. Curious about how Carnival gets away with cruises from New Orleans. I went on a 7 night that went New Orleans as departure, then to Key West, Freeport, and Nassau, before returning to New Orleans. I was under the impression they had to stop at a foreign port in between US ports.

  8. The brits joke was too damn real…

  9. Oh hayyyyyy!! I worked on the Pride Of America 2010-2015. The other fun fact about this ship is it was lengthened when Norwegian bought it. So there's a block called 2a. I had friends who worked on the Pride of Aloha(Now the Sky) and the Pride of Hawaii (now the Jade). Due to the law states, Jones Act, there were a few Hawaii based ships that had to do extended day cruises to a small island as their international port because they were not US Flagged ships. I think it was Fanning Island of Kiribati …anyways….great times. I'll never forget that ship ♥️

  10. Loved the sheplers clip in there! I’m from Michigan and that’s the only ferry I will take to mackinaw island

  11. One word TAX and other laws

  12. America is also number one at attacking other country.

  13. America ranks number #1 in American Civil War victories.
    It’s like saying UK is number# 1 in having a British monarch.

  14. Because they prefer battleships.

  15. you should do a story about the complaining the cruise lines put up when the USA required all cruise ships docking in the US to meet US safety laws for fire control

  16. Hmmm…not-political, yet political 'anti-Jones Act' statement…followed by no dissent whatsoever about that $7.25…destined for $15 an hour minimum wage (which will most-likely have the 'Pride of America' re-registered as the 'Cheap Panama Tour', as a result. You know…you can't dog out 'American Protectionism' on one breath, then TOTALLY IGNORE why it exists on the other…that's very Hypocritical of you!

  17. I went on a cruise to Alaska last summer. However, instead of starting in Seattle, we started in Vancouver, Canada. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

  18. i worked on that decaying wreck of a ship

  19. Pride of America was NOT built in the US. It was started by United States Lines but was finished in Germany. NCL has to get permission to register it in the US after the last True US ship the SS Independence of AMCV went bust after 9/11

  20. It's funny that I'm watching this now because coincidentally, my mom is currently travelling north to take a cruise along the Alaskan coastline.

  21. Trust you,.. you are a lawyer….er…. No thanks.

  22. American workers will not do what is required to work on a cruise ship for the money they pay…and if they did, they would definitely have an attitude about it.

  23. I spent time on the Staff of the America as well as the ill-fated Pride of Aloha (Norwegian Sky) and the Pride of Hawaii (Norwegian Jade) This is all True. I am a certified Merchant Marine and went through all the training with the Coast Guard to work as Cruise Staff. So there were 3 and now there is one. This one is kind of a dump…

  24. 12 years ago tho, there was 3 ships that were American. Which were also own by NCL. Since then two of them have been reflagged.

  25. I have been on the exact ship that you shown doesn't count as a cruise ship Lol


  27. Ha ha ha ha how dumb

  28. Stop with the jokes man, it's not you. It also murders your credibility.

  29. 2.34$ to high salary will they say soon

  30. I don't have to watch the video. The reason is the same as why Americans travel and call themself "Canadians".
    When you destroy the world (Bush and Obama) , you can't travel safe.

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