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  1. Bad vid titanic is largest

  2. The Oasis Class ships are cool and all but in my opinion nothing beats the Freedom Class Ships… I think the Independence, Liberty, and Freedom are the best looking ships at sea… I’ve been on the Freedom and Liberty and those two cruises have been the best 2 I have been on

  3. I wanna get in those ship one day.

  4. THE BIggest cruiseship in the world is harmony of the seas

  5. Bloodgod40 what is the quantum


  7. Titanic was a beautiful ship. Today's modern cruise ship just like putting a building on the hull

  8. Wow good ships. Nice

  9. 5:00 Quantum of the seas, gross tonnage 168,666 and 347.1m in length… looks like somebody doesn't know what "quantum" means.

  10. Norweign epic. Looks like shit

  11. Waiting for a half kilometres long ship 🙂

  12. Norwegian ships are so ugly

  13. 9:37 it looks like your gonna fall

  14. i wish fucking virgo was big, i always see it in every 5 days ( of course, the manila, ilocos (i live there), taiwan (i think), and hongkong route)

  15. why do all these ships look so similar to me

  16. thank you for wacting kas that is my favorite of all ship

  17. nice to say u again osias of the seas

  18. I don't see what all the fuss is about they don't look any bigger than the mauretania

  19. did somebody see the Philippine flag in 1:35

  20. The oasis of the seas looks ginormous in person! It's unbelievably huge

  21. you can't even spell length right you said lenght

  22. ugly,those ships are ugly,i want my olmypic,titanic back

  23. i really want to wear texudo and go to dinner,having my dinner with clasical music just like titanic,but i dont think this is happening in any ships

  24. Where is Queen Mary 2???

  25. just had the ovation of the seas leave sydney!! sooo nice

  26. Guests have to pay extra for all attractions. Imagine if a fire breaks out on such a ship. Uncontrollable. 7000 people dead. More than on WTC.

  27. Il y a dans se monde pas mal de riches qui peuvent profiter d'une croisière sur un tel paquebot.

  28. Whats the music pleas?

  29. Why are there no major ship builders in the United States?

  30. I just wonder how it's even possible for Royal Caribbean to make like 20 of those huge ships that carry at least 4,000 people.

  31. muito luxo,lindo demais.

  32. the epic looks kind of…. bad.

  33. its not fair there is no disney class

  34. LengTH. What's LengHT?

  35. You forgot queen marry 2

  36. مراكب روعة

  37. 1:34 is that a philippines flag?

  38. I really miss these cruise ships.

  39. id be thinking titanic the whole cruise so no thnks

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