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  1. I experience it with my family so much fun and very big I even got lost but yea I had a great time love it.

  2. Me and my dad mom sister are going on that boat in December

  3. 9000 people on board…at Disneyland there are a LOT more to "vacation" with.

  4. I've been on Oasis of the Seas is soon going on Allure

  5. Looking nice cruise

  6. I’m so excited that I’m going

  7. That is a lot of tons,people,and crew members.That is a very nice cruise ship.

  8. Cool ship,I love it.

  9. The ship itself is breathtaking. But it's just too crowded, I wanna feel I'm quietly chilling in the ocean, not in NYC on Sunday afternoon

  10. Dying to go on this beautiful ship!!!!

  11. Jet return detect quietly sunlight Soviet soup exactly superior missing.

  12. you could not get me on one…… salmonella infested , barge once you get onboard your' trapped , God help you if you eat food in any port , 89% chance of intestinal disease …. plus the Bonus Round of Sea Sickness / Motion Sickness / mal de mer….. Gut wrenching , Green Vomit

  13. I Was On Hormany it was nice only once first went on we had to go to meeting about life jackets when we finish to go our room we were moving very slow 6000 people but that was weird it was the only time 2x on harmony going on they other boat of Royal Caribbean they own 6 boats
    Love it will be my third

  14. What a horrible presentation

  15. What's the price?

  16. They are just getting bigger and bigger but I like to go around the world on my own 32,000 tons private ship.

  17. No problem with sea sick with this tonnage !

  18. Holly bigkarol ! 10 million tons cruise ship ! Almost one crew member per stateroom.

  19. The problem with these mega ships is that they are very top heavy and roll is a factor in heavy seas. Any time the center of gravity is high, you have potential for extreme roll, which under some circumstances can be hazardous if the storm and seas are violent enough.

  20. Get a look at this masonic Greenberg punk flashing the hand triangle at 0:48  and  1:55  and  2:38 . Working for the scum elite. Soulless eyes.

  21. I have been in a ship that have like 70 crew and the ship is clean Very Very clean

  22. Having a job on a cruise ship would be nice…

  23. I'm going on this boat! My third time going in a cruise!! IM SO EXCITED OMGGGgGGGg there's 10 bars and 10 restaurants

  24. Is there an on board prison for the arse holes?

  25. "The Sun, The Sand And The Sea" (Bikini Tourism Anthem)

  26. The ship becomes the destination…. Do you people realize how much idiocy is that?!!! Wow…

  27. Its not the largest

  28. Does it go to grand cayman?

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