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  1. Let’s go !!

  2. " i got 20 closets i can dress according to wave " . God damn

  3. This would've been way bigger if it was a single. It's like a hidden gem most ppl don't even know about bc they ain't bother to listen to this album/mixtape. Imo

  4. dis is my shit bro

  5. I stay cool like a Cat

  6. Lowkey sounds like XO beat

  7. I got some black daimonds my wrist is on Beijingggg ! fav line

  8. Why they took this off the album on Apple Music?

  9. Young Thug riding the red and yellow Yoshis beneath Star World skies forever

  10. Damn I forgot about this gem

  11. Like young boy say nigga voice an instrument

  12. I love "Killed Before" as much as the next guy, but this is actually the best track on the album. Killed Before is a close second

  13. Best song on the tape

  14. The beat sounds like the instrumental of Xo Tour Lif3 lmao :))))))))

  15. This is Young Thug’s best song ever.

  16. that boy trash man I just want to listen to Future

  17. Can't fuck these hoes they might try to pull the trigger, ain't nooo slippin'

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